“I admit I slept with students”: James Franco, addicted to sex, admits

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ames Franco is no longer worried by justice, in the case of sexual assault on former students of his comedy class. The actor however confessed in a new interview. He admits having had sex with ex-protected, but denies having created a network of young girls.

James Franco was accused of assault by former students he mentored, and suspected of having created a network of young girls to satisfy his desires. The actor spoke for the first time on this subject: he admits having had relations with his proteges …

It was with the Jesse Cagle Podcast that James Franco discussed the serious charges against him. Almost 6 months after the withdrawal of complaints from two alleged victims (against the payment of nearly 2 million euros), the 43-year-old American comedian reveals he suffers from several addictions, including one to sex. He has been treating her since 2016.

In faculty the dumbest element I did became name my masterclass Sex Scenes. It wasn’t approximately intercourse scenes, intimate scenes or some thing else that It seems like it. It became a provocative name, “says James Franco. According to his ex-students, the actor driven them to undress in the front of the digital digicam withinside the center of sophistication and requested them to shoot express scenes of the “orgy” type. They even as compared James Franco’s application to a veritable “network” wherein ladies are subjected and exploited.

I’ll admit it, I slept with some college girls.

It should have been called Contemporary Romance or something. It was a class where [the students, editor’s note] would play scenes of

romance, scenes of what they experience as young people. applications, breakups, or just a bad date, stuff like that. It was what we were doing in class. It was not sex scenes “, he insists, before confirming certain statements of his ex-students. James Franco did have sex with several of them.

“I’ll admit it, I slept with students. Not everyone in this particular class. But during my teaching, I slept with students and it was wrong, admits James Franco. But like I said, that’s not what I started teaching in school for, and I wasn’t the one to select which students got into this course. So it wasn’t a plan. devilishly crafted by me. But yes, I had consensual intercourse with a student and I shouldn’t have. “

James Franco is a sex addict. “It’s a potent drug. And I’ve been addicted to it for over twenty years,” says the hero of The Killer Interview (with Seth Rogen, released in 2015). “I could never stay true. So I was. cheated. I cheated on everyone before Isabel