“It’s my passion, I love it!” : Myriam Abel has changed physically through cosmetic surgery.

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Like so many other show business personalities, singer Myriam Abel succumbed to the call of the scalpel. The former winner of “Nouvelle Star”, now 40 years old, confided frankly on the subject in an interview.

Cosmetic surgery is clearly no longer a taboo for the stars! Recently, Clémentine Célarié, for example, explained herself on her redone nose and Laurent Baffie on her transformed face. It is now the turn of the singer Myriam Abel to speak.Invited on the set of the show L’instant de luxe, hosted by Jordan de Luxe on Télé Star Play and broadcast on Tuesday,

November 9, 2021, Myriam Abel has therefore agreed to discuss cosmetic surgery, which has changed physically in recent years. . The ex-candidate of La Nouvelle Star, season 3 in 2005, thus confided to having succumbed to it several times and gives details of what she did: “These are injections to erase dark circles. The lips, I did them very lightly. I had no lips at all. Hyaluronic acid injections are my passion. I love it! ” This has the merit of being clear and honest.Myriam Abel, to whom we owe the Donne tube, says however that she has not become addicted to the scalpel and only passes into the hands of the surgeon when she feels the need. “It would show. I really do it to give myself a little boost because I’m getting old (…) It’s very well done,” she said. A line of conduct close to that of the comedian Jeanfi Janssens who also readily admits to using cosmetic surgery to fight against the passage of time.

The singer and ex-candidate for the reality TV show Les Anges would also like to lose 10 pounds but does not necessarily opt for liposuction or diet. “I don’t go on a diet because I like to eat

too much. We’ll have to find a good compromise. I’m a little round (…) I would like to lose 10 kilos because I’m small,” she explains. . While she is the mother of two children, Charlie (born in 2013) and Jamie (born in 2014)