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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds,This myth that has just been broken, a surprising revelation

It was the surprise of the end of 2022. Blake Lively, at the head of a family of three daughters, the fruit of her love with actor Ryan Reynolds, displayed a baby bump on the red carpet, formalizing her 4th pregnancy. If we do not know the first name of the baby who has since been born, his nickname has meanwhile been revealed. And it’s far from cute.

When we love, we don’t count. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been so in love since meeting on the set of The Green Lantern that they can’t stop growing the family. Last September, during the Forbes Power Women’s party, the former Gossip Girl star chose an outfit signed by Valentino in which she revealed shapes that were beyond doubt: in her sublime dress, the ex of Leonardo DiCaprio, therefore, announced the upcoming arrival of baby n°4. And it’s a little sister who made James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, happy.


The baby’s gender had not been announced but Ryan Reynolds ended up coming out of his reserve. And he has had his tongue hanging out since March 4, he outright revealed how he and Blake nicknamed the youngest of the clan. According to his words to comedian Rob Delaney on the stage of the O2 Arena in London, the hero of Deadpool let go of the revelation side as specified by the British media including The Irish Mirror. And maybe he shouldn’t have: “Actually, we named our daughter Cocaine Bear.” Understand “bear full of cocaine” in French. Charming!

Ryan Reynolds, king of sarcasm and the second degree, gave an indication: “We chose this name before the release of the film and therefore engaged in a legal battle.

” The feature film to which he refers is called Crazy Bear, is signed by Elizabeth Banks and will be released on screens on March 15.

Inspired by real events, it tells the story of several people persecuted by a bear under the influence of cocaine.

Information is to be taken in a joking tone (at least, we hope so) for those who recently compared their house to a “zoo” by evoking their family life and their children.


If he gives himself the air of a dad at the end of the line with four daughters in his charge, plus his wife Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds is the happiest man in the world to be surrounded by so many women in his life.

It is through the prism of humor that he regularly makes this known.

In April 2020, in full confinement, he revealed the funny backstage of his daily life amid the little women in his life: “I like being here with only girls, I like doing girly things.

(… ) They all want to dress in hot pink all day so that’s what I do. This morning I made some tissue paper dresses which was fun for them. We’re lucky to have a small garden.

So you learn a bit about gardening. We try to make it an educational experience.” Contrary to what he suggests, Ryan Reynolds sees life in pink!