Brad Pitt surprises in a salmon pink suit alongside ultra-sexy

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 Brad Pitt is in Paris! The 58-year-old actor presented his new film, “Bullet Train”, to the French press during a day on a barge at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Attention, alert to all fans.

Smiling, he was still as flirtatious as ever, but dressed in a strange salmon-pink suit that clashed among his more sober partners.

In terms of style, we can say that Brad Pitt has tested everything: short hair, long hair, of all colors, suits, jogging and even shirtless.

Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband is so prolific that most of his roles and looks have stuck with his audience over the years.

But this one should not necessarily leave them with a pleasant memory: currently in Paris, the father of six children had chosen a strange salmon suit that was far too large for the presentation of his new film.

Worn with a burgundy T-shirt, his ensemble gave him a somewhat strange look but which clashed, at least, with the sobriety of director David Leitch by his side: with his black shirt and gray pants, he had remained very classic.

And the American actor did not hide his pleasure of being in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower: his eyes hidden by large red sunglasses, he was very smiling and even rather joking with his partners, he who saw a heartbreaking divorce for several years.

And he seemed particularly happy to be with the gorgeous Joey King: revealed by the film The Kissing Booth, the 22-year-old had chosen an extremely sexy look to pose next to the

six-time Oscar-nominated actor. However, with her pants and her leather jacket, the young woman had to bear the brunt of the scorching heat that has been beating down on the capital for a few days!

With them, two other actors from the film had made the trip to France and in particular the Briton Aaron Taylor-Johnson. In a rather classic style, with his jeans and his flowery shirt, he had come solo without his wife, director Sam Taylor-Wood.

Aged 23 years older than him, the fifty-year-old had probably stayed with their four daughters, Angelica, Jessica, Wylda and Romy. Brian Tyree Henry, meanwhile, wore a colorful suit.

And the synopsis of the film, which will arrive at the beginning of August, really makes you want: “Five hitmen find themselves on a high-speed train traveling between Tokyo and Morioka, and making very few stops.

The five criminals will discover that “They are bound by their mission. They wonder who will come out alive and what awaits them at Morioka station…” We can’t wait!