Brad Pitt signs a veritably juicy contract with France. and it’s not about wine!

You are currently viewing Brad Pitt signs a veritably juicy contract with France. and it’s not about wine!

In 2002, when he was madly in love with Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt had created with her a product company called Plan B Entertainment. Now the actor has just entered a veritably seductive offer. We’ll noway have seen it so much in our borders. proprietor of the Château de Miraval, in Correns, in the Var, Brad Pitt has just inked another type of contract in France, which doesn’t concern wine estates at all. but the seventh art. The Mediawan group has actually just taken control of the Hollywood product house Plan B Entertainment,co-founded by the actor and his former mate Jennifer Aniston in the time 2002 in Beverly Hills, California as unveiled by Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse to AFP on Friday, December 9, 2022. The operation, in which the shareholders of Mediawan take part via a capital increase, values Plan B Entertainment at further than 300 million bones and will be carried out in several inaugurations, according to the Financial Times. Mediawan specially produces the program C à Vous, the HPI series with Audrey Fleurot and, lately, for the cinema, the film Novembre by Cédric Jimenez, which is a real success. Last September, the group created the product company Blue Morning Pictures with the director Florian Zeller the hubby of Marine Delterme-, and therefore swears to conquer the United States. “ We noticed Ten percentage or the collection The English with Emily Blunt. We loved The Father by Florian Zeller, with Anthony Hopkins, explains Dede Gardner, thevice-president of Plan B. These are the bones we know formerly, but I am sure they’ve plenitude of artists that we do not know yet and who could inspire us a lot.


I would love to shoot in France

Brad Pitt, who formerly comes to France several times a time, could thus put his bags more frequently on our land. “ I would love to shoot in France. In Paris, especially. But I’ve no concrete design, he assures in the columns of the review Le Parisien. I’ve been coming then for times, it ended up creating a link. I try to come as soon as I can. Three or four times a time, in general. In the Var, of course, but I also like the North, the West, the East. In this same interview, the actor says further about his taste for French cinema, in particular for the film Ponette by Jacques Doillon, or indeed for the amusement of Camille Cottin. Will we see him soon in a schoolboy comedy with Gérard Depardieu or Christian Clavier for all that? The future will tell.