Brad Pitt suffering from a rare disease? He explain

You are currently viewing Brad Pitt suffering from a rare disease? He explain

In the columns of the magazine “GQ”, Brad Pitt explained that he suffered from a disease that he had never been diagnosed with. Surprising confidences from the American actor, who decided to say a little more about this handicap that he considers to have.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Brad Pitt made a surprising revelation. According to him, he suffers from prosopagnosia. A rare disease that is characterized by a difficulty or an inability to recognize faces, one’s own as well as that of others. A disability that got him into some trouble since people get upset, believing that Angelina Jolie’s former husband is distant, even self-centered, because he doesn’t care enough about others to remember them.

A problem he had already mentioned in 2013 in an interview with Esquire magazine. “It’s a mystery to me. I can’t hold back a face. So many people hate me because they think I disrespect them,” he lamented. Small problem for the 58-year-old actor: the doctors believe that he is not suffering from this disease.


Therefore, he cannot receive any treatment that could help him. “Nobody believes me. I would like to meet someone like that!” he explained to GQ. A mission that turns out to be complicated for the American star, as this disease is so rare. The actor Thierry Lhermitte had been suspected of being affected, before denying this information in the columns of Parisian.

Brad Pitt is not at the end of his troubles, since he also took advantage of this interview to return to his relationship with Angelina Jolie as well as his divorce. “I think all of our hearts are broken…I’ve always felt very alone in my life, alone growing up, alone even here,” he said. Recently, we learned in particular of his registration with Alcoholics Anonymous after his separation from his partner in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He also accused his ex-wife of illegally selling their property in Provence.

But despite these adventures, his film career continues since he will be showing on July 27 in the film Bullet Train, alongside Sandra Bullock.