Chimène Badi: Canon in a leather mini-skirt next to Dany Brillant

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Chimène Badi came back on stage on Friday evening! She joined Dany Brillant at the Dôme de Paris to perform their tribute collaboration to Charles Aznavour. All dressed in black with a leather mini-skirt, the singer caused a sensation.

The physical transformation of Chimène Badi enchants her fans! The singer inspires and delights them by regularly publishing her looks and fashion favourites. She got down to it again this week and pulled out the leather mini-skirt for a new concert…

Friday evening (February 4, 2022), Chimène Badi went to the Dôme de Paris – Palais des Sports, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. She joined Dany Brillant there for the flagship concert of her tour, called Dany Brillante sings Aznavour. On stage, the two artists performed the title Mourir d’aimer, their collaboration taken from the album Dany Brillante sings Aznavour – En Duo, released in 2021.

Thank you for the invitation and this lovely evening! Always a delight to sing with you my @danybrillant! Congratulations for this astounding show”, reacted Chimène on the stop of the concert. The 39-year-antique artist prompted a sensation there, thank you mainly to her all-black outfit, such as a pinnacle with obvious sleeves, a leather-based mini-skirt and grey ankle boots. Dany Brillant keeps his excursion together along with his show “Dany Brillant Chante Aznavour” at some point of France. It might be on March 15 in Toulouse, on March sixteen in Aix-en-Provence, and could stop its collection of live shows on May 25, 2022 in Clermont-Ferrand

The pictures of Chimène Badi made her followers react! “You were Magnificent Chimene”, “You are superb”, “Beauty in addition to having a magnificent voice”, can we read in the comments of her publication. The metamorphosis of the singer revealed by the show Popstars (formerly broadcast on M6) earned her a deluge of compliments.

Chimène Badi rightly complained about the attention paid by Internet users to her physical change. “It’s too frustrating to give interviews and only see trivial things come out. It’s annoying that people always talk to me about my weight loss… It keeps coming back. I want to “express other things. Journalists must respect the fact that I want to talk only about my job”, she explained in April 2016 to our colleagues from Télé Star.

Her profession and her career were dissected in the previous issue of the show La Boîte à secrets, presented by Faustine Bollaert. Chimène Badi’s father, as well as his companion, Julien, had made a rare appearance there…