“Cute and cuddly”, “bossy”… Ary Abittan, a man with an ambiguous personality?

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On November 2, Ary Abittan was indicted for rape after the accusations of a young woman and placed under judicial supervision. Today, “Le Parisien” is more specifically interested in the personality of the actor in turmoil. A man with many faces?

Since Ary Abittan was accused of rape and was indicted, he has remained silent. Despite the many requests related to the case that concerns him, the 47-year-old actor wallows in silence. The Parisian once again tried to contact him but the star of the saga What did we do to the good god? refused to speak.

The daily traces this famous night from October 30 to 31, 2021 that Ary Abittan spent at his home with a 23-year-old young woman, with whom he had already had several dates. Private interviews which most often took place at his home located in the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris, not far from the prestigious avenue des Champs-Elysées.

The 23-year-old woman accused Ary Abittan of rape for forcing her to have non-consensual sex, which the comedian and actor has always denied. Ary Abittan was arrested on Sunday and taken into custody at the Paris 1st District Police Station before he was arrested. accused.

Le Parisien has compiled certain comments the alleged victim made to his next of kin prior to his attack. If the 23-year-old had emphasized the “dominant” side of Ary Abittan towards them, he also told a friend that he was also “sweet and cuddly” outside of their intimate relationship. The young woman and actor met last September and shared a dozen relationships.During those earlier moments they spent together, Ary Abittan would have asked her for an anal relationship that she refused, a refusal that was always respected.


In this investigation of the Parisian, it is reported that the alleged victim of Ary Abittan was prescribed two days of Total Incapacity for Work (ITT) for a slight injury to the vagina and anus, but especially that the traces of strangulation, slaps on the left cheek were not noted in the report of the doctor of the Medico-Forensic Unit (UMJ) who examined the young woman. However, the latter accuses Ary Abittan of having strangled and slapped her. In addition, “the doctor found traces of bruising on the legs of the alleged victim, but prior to October 30.”

In order to better understand the personality of Ary Abittan, the investigators will look at other partners of the actor, “to question some of his relations to understand the springs of his sexuality,”

said Le Parisien. “Psychological expertise of the actor and the young woman will also be carried out”, we also learn.

Following this information, Me Caroline Toby, reacted to the Parisian, declaring: “The best way to respect the word of the victim is to be silent. This is what my client has been doing from the start.” Ary Abittan’s lawyer says that only justice can decide the future of his client. “An examining magistrate has been appointed in this case to instruct the prosecution and the defense and he must be able to do so with confidence,” she added.

Indicted and placed under judicial control, Ary Abittan remains entitled to leave French territory, travel, film … M6 recently chose to replace him in a fiction he was filming, L’Homme of our lives. Filming began in mid-October between the Côte d’Azur and Reunion Island and it was finally Jonathan Zaccaï who was chosen to replace him, as revealed by Télé Star. The next dates for Ary Abittan’s one man show, For Real, have been canceled for some and postponed for others. But the movie What did we all do to the good Lord? (third installment of the saga) will be released as planned next February.

Ary Abittan – who received the support of his partner Sarah-Line Attlan in this ordeal – remains presumed innocent of the charges until the final judgment of this case.