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  • His special request to his famous husband before dying.

Welsh-Scottish actress Helen McCrory died of cancer in 2021. The one who shone as Draco Malfoy’s mother in “Harry Potter” was the wife of comedian Damian Lewis. As her last days approached, she had told him of a very special request, which he revealed when he paid tribute to her after her death.

Playing Narcissa Malfoy, Draco’s mother, in the Harry Potter saga, actress Helen McCrory caused a wave of sadness in the hero’s fan community with her death from breast cancer at the age of 52. years old on April 16, 2021. The one who can be found in The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 this August 18, 2022 on TF1 had a very good career as an actress and a united family. Her husband Damian Lewis, famous hero of the series Homeland, had paid him a moving tribute in the pages of the Sunday Times.

In his column to honor his wife and mother of their two children Manon and Gulliver, born in 2006 and 2007 respectively, Damian Lewis wrote a superb letter published in the British media The Sunday Times: “Helen was an even brighter person than she was an actress…. Her principles of life were benevolence and generosity… She always asked people how they were doing, was always interested in them, made every person she met felt special, like she was the only person in the room. She gave them her full attention. Made them laugh, always. There were few people funnier than her – she was really funny.”

Suffering from breast cancer against which she fought valiantly, she was able to prepare, seeing the inevitable happen, words intended for her loved ones. This is how Damian Lewis relates them: “She left our beautiful children, Manon and Gully, too soon, but they were prepared for life. They have in them fearlessness, wit, curiosity, talent and beauty of their mother. She urged us to be brave and not to be afraid. As she repeatedly told the children: ‘Do not be sad, because even if I am about to leave , I lived the life I wanted.'”

Damian Lewis also recounts the very special request that the one who also shines in Peaky Blinders made to him: “Just a few weeks ago, she said to us from her bed: ‘I want dad to have girlfriends, lots of girlfriends, you all need to love again, love isn’t possessive. But hey Damian, at least try to get through the funeral without kissing someone.'” Special advice that may come as a surprise at first given the circumstances, but which turns out to be of an infinite nobility on the part of a woman who loves her family madly and who wanted to make more “acceptable” what seemed not to be. “Her greatest and most exquisite act of bravery and generosity was to ‘normalize’ her death. She showed no fear, no bitterness, no self-pity, she only armed us with courage to continue and insisted that no one be sad, because she is happy,” he added.

The 51-year-old widower followed his wife’s words: in June 2022, he formalized his new relationship with musician Alison Mosshart, famous sidekick to Jamie Hince in the band The Kills.