Lisa-Marie Presley Died on January 12

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Lisa-Marie Presley, it was the departure that saddened her, the intense stress that would have caused a heart attack

On January 12, Lisa-Marie Presley died at her home in Los Angeles. Almost a month after the tragedy, relatives of Elvis Presley’s daughter spoke of a special event that hastened her death.

On January 12, 2023, Lisa-Marie Presley died at the age of 54 of complications from cardiac arrest.

The famous rocker’s daughter was found unconscious at her home in Los Angeles after making a public appearance at the Golden Globes, where Austin Butler received the Best Actor award for his role in Elvis.

However, his behavior that evening (incoherent remarks, lack of confidence, and constant need for physical support) had already worried netizens. And according to some of his relatives, who just spoke on behalf of TMZ, that event should be at the root of the drama.

The famed The Idiot singer would never recover from the intense stress of the spotlight with a critically acclaimed biopic about her father.

A worrying attitude, as he had shown a few days earlier with a moving speech for his late father’s 88th birthday. “I keep saying only you can get me out of the house.

I am not joking.I love you so much and you’re the reason I’m here,” he explained in particular, as the Daily Mail reported, alarming comments that in some ways already suggested he was severely depressed. BURIED WITH FAMILY IN malaise, which can be explained by various causes.

We remember in particular that her son, Benjamin Keough, committed suicide on July 12, 2020, leaving her with a deep sadness that she could never really escape.

Today, mother and son are reunited as she is buried next to him in the garden at Graceland, the rocker’s famous home (who is buried there, along with his parents Vernon and Gladys, notes Memphis, Tennessee,


It should be noted that Lisa Marie-Presley did not have a single child. She gave birth to three other children: eldest daughter Riley and twins Harper and Finley.