Drake : new attempt to trespass on his property

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Drake; People are taking advantage of the clash with Kendrick to behave randomly… Drizzy is at the heart of US rap news, as always, but for a slightly unusual reason: the Canadian is currently in a clash with Kendrick Lamar, as well as almost the entire rap game which seems to have sided with by K.Dot.

A not very fair fight but during which the rapper does better than defend himself: he rivals King Kunta, at least in terms of records and violence in the punchlines (for the writing, on the other hand….). But aside from the beef, Drake begins to have to face much more concrete problems, which threaten him much more closely: strangers are trying to break into his home.

This is the second time this has happened in a few days: the rapper’s home in Toronto, a huge mansion nicknamed “The Embassy” was visited by an unknown person during the day of May 9 in the middle of the afternoon . The man has since been arrested but before that, he provoked an altercation with Drake’s security service which has been on edge for several days (notably because of the shooting which took place in front of the star’s house).

The person was then transferred to hospital where he is currently being questioned by the police. If nothing has been proven for the moment, here we are almost sure that these “voyeurs” are starting to want to come see Drake to provoke him because of the clash, since Drizzy appeared there until last week in a position of weakness . A position that could well change because his last diss tracks were rather destructive. In any case here, we don’t like 100 to 1 hagras, nor people who feel like they’re “growing balls” and decide to get involved in a clash when they’re not involved. We therefore wish him good luck for the future, even if it looks complicated.