Eva Longoria: Why Does Your Husband Refuse To See Desperate Housewives?

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It was with the series “Desperate Housewives” that actress Eva Longoria became a world star. But, for her husband José Baston, this is not very impressive. And for good reason: he had never seen the show! After an attempt, he preferred to give up. The actress explained the reason …
From 2004 to 2012, Eva Longoria played Gabrielle Solis in the globally successful Desperate Housewives. A show watched by millions of viewers but which had visibly gone unnoticed in the TV set of José Baston, her husband.

Guest of The Ellen Show, Eva Longoria (46) said that her husband, a Mexican businessman whom she married in 2016 after three years of romantic relationship, had never seen a single episode. of his life. “He’s like the only person in the world

who hasn’t seen Desperate Housewives and then one day someone introduced us and he was like, ‘Who is this?’ Which is awesome, I love it. But actually, he never knew me through work and he said, ‘Ah, so you’re an actress’ And I was like,’ Yeah … you know I’m kinda very known in China! People watch my series all over the world ‘(…) People come to see me all the time in the street and don’t understand him “, first related the one we recently saw in Paris for the Global Gift Gala

Obviously intrigued by the notoriety of his beautiful, José Baston finally tried to embark on the series which still has eight seasons. But to no avail … “He was like, ‘Everyone knows you. I’ll watch.’ He started watching and then, as I was screwing the gardener [Jesse Metcalfe aka John Rowland, Editor’s note] from the first season, he was like: ‘No, no, I don’t want to watch this!’ Suddenly, I was like: ‘Oh yes, yes, you’re right, let’s go direct to season 5! The one where I did not sleep with anyone’ “, she then told the host Ellen DeGeneres .

Since then, the mother of Santiago (born in June 2018), has turned in other projects less delicate to watch for her husband

such as the film Dora and the Lost City or the Grand Hotel series.