In ‘Aquaman 2,’ Jason Momoa wanted Amber…The Hearings Continue

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While Amber Heard was at odds with one Hollywood heavyweight, she had another on her side, at least professionally, because Jason Momoa apparently pushed to keep her in “Aquaman 2.”

On Monday, neither Johnny nor Amber testified, but entertainment expert Kathryn Arnold was asked to discuss Heard’s influence in the industry.

Amber’s lawyer inquired about her position in “Aquaman 2” at one time.

As you may know, Amber’s role in the picture was drastically reduced, but Arnold claims there was some doubt over whether she’d even be in it at all. According to Arnold, both Momoa and the film’s director, James Wan, were “adamant” that she be included in the film.

She testified in February 2021 that there were discussions about Amber not being hired for the film at all…

However, the two expressed their support for her.

Another fascinating fact about Momoa…

Arnold claims he renegotiated his compensation, going from roughly $3-4 million for the first “Aquaman” to over $15 million for the sequel.

It was claimed that Amber’s side might summon Johnny back to the stand this week, but there has been contradicting information… and it could never happen.

It was chaos outside the Virginia courthouse when things wrapped up, as expected, and both sides will be back at it on Tuesday.