Jennifer Lopez, her ruined marriage

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  • Ben Affleck’s mother badly injured, everyone ends up in the hospital.

While they were preparing their second marriage with dignity this Friday, August 19, an unexpected incident took Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck by surprise. An incident that the two lovebirds had not seen coming!

When wedding preparations turn tragic. While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, freshly married in Las Vegas on July 16, were preparing with dignity for their second wedding in Georgia scheduled for this Saturday, August 20, an unexpected incident occurred the day before the big day.

Indeed, this Friday August 19 in the property Riceboro of Ben Affleck in Georgia, an ambulance arrived following a fall of the mother of the actor, Christopher Anne Boldt alias Chris (See the slideshow). The Daily Mail reports that the senior cut her leg when she fell off a platform. After an alert from her son Ben who found her unconscious, Chris was transported to the hospital in Savannah. Ben Affleck, annoyed, immediately went to his mother’s bedside at the hospital with his other half. Ben Affleck’s mother then had to leave the hospital in a wheelchair and a few stitches. Let’s hope that this painful misadventure does not ruin the continuation of the festivities which promise to be grandiose!

Jennifer lopez’s mom, guadalupe rodriguez attends the wedding.

This incident, however not serious, has sealed the atmosphere of the wedding festivities of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Los Angeles. Guests, including Jennifer’s 76-year-old mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, had flocked to the Riceboro property for rehearsals. However, according to the Daily Mail, the two fifties should celebrate their union as planned this Saturday before a family barbecue this Sunday. Among the guests there would be among others the brother of Ben Affleck, Casey, Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel and Drea de Matteo, longtime friend of Jennifer Lopez. According to The Mirror, podcaster and celebrity life coach Jay Shetty will celebrate the union. The media also indicates that JLo would wear a Ralph Lauren wedding dress sewn in Italy. The cost of the wedding is estimated at 8 million dollars (8 million euros)! Let’s hope that the spirit will be at the party and that this incident will be behind them!