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Tender Kiss And New Argument With Ben Affleck, Remarkable Appearance

This Wednesday, May 10 in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez wore an incredible outfit with an imposing neckline. The diva was accompanied by her famous lover Ben Affleck, with whom she went through all the emotions, between languorous kisses and argument… one more, after that which occurred during the “Grammy Awards” a few months ago..

This Friday, Netflix will upload the thriller The Mother, in which Jennifer Lopez plays the main character, to its platform. In this film, the 53-year-old actress, stunning a few days ago at the Met Gala 2023 in New York, slips into the skin of a former killer who, to escape dangerous assassins, is forced to entrusting her daughter to strangers in order to guarantee her safety. A long-awaited feature film, the preview of which took place this Wednesday, May 10 in Los Angeles.


The American diva was of course present for this event. And she did not do things by halves since she went there in an incredible outfit. In particular, she wore a long beige jacket that matched her skirt and her bra, which revealed her very generous neckline. Her sublime pair of earrings, as well as her clutch bag and her sublime hair styled in a ponytail perfectly completed her look, which is both very elegant and sensual. Note that she did not come alone to this evening, since she was accompanied by her very famous husband Ben Affleck with whom she was photographed sharing a tender and languorous kiss on the red carpet of the event.

They were also photographed outside the venue where this preview was being held, chatting. But according to the Daily Mail, which shared some photos of the scene, they would have argued in front of the photographers… “Look more friendly. Be motivated”, Jennifer Lopez would have asked, “frowning”, to her husband . The latter would have replied: “I could”. Like a feeling of deja vu… As a reminder, the two lovebirds were already seen last February in the midst of an altercation at the Grammy Awards. “Stop. Show yourself more sympathetic, motivated”, had already indicated Jennifer Lopez firmly to her husband who did not seem very happy to be there. Shortly after the incident, the actor had wanted to put an end to the discomfort by assuring the Hollywood Reporter that this scene was nothing but a “husband and wife thing” as well as the result of his discomfort with to be in front of the cameras.


False alarm therefore … Especially since apart from these two sequences, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem very fulfilled together since they decided to give each other a second chance two years ago, after being separated in 2004 while they were engaged. Last summer, they got married twice: once in Las Vegas and out of sight, then a second time in Georgia surrounded by their loved ones. Between these two marriages, they spent their honeymoon in Paris. They now live together and form a beautiful blended family with JLo’s twins, Max and Emme, born of her love with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, as well as Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, fruits of Ben Affleck’s previous marriage to actress Jennifer Garner.