Joe Biden: His son Hunter justifies his obsession with his penis with a particular disorder.

You are currently viewing Joe Biden: His son Hunter justifies his obsession with his penis with a particular disorder.

Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, is said to suffer from “dysmorphophobia”, an excessive preoccupation with a part of his body: namely his penis. A “trouble” that was revealed in messages that leaked from his laptop given for repair.

Son of scandals, Hunter Biden reappears in the tabloids in an embarrassing way once again.

The youngest of the President of the United States, accused of having spent more than 30,000 dollars to afford the services of Russian prostitutes between 2018 and 2019, not to mention his multiple addictions, is in the columns of the New York Post because about his penis and the comments he makes about it in personal messages on his computer.

Hunter Biden said his obsession with nude selfies was the result of dysmorphophobia, the unhealthy belief that there was something wrong with his body. This emerged from notes on his hard drive.

“I love needing reassurance that my 23 centimeter big penis was really big…It must sound weird but it’s body dysmorphophobia…I know my penis is almost twice as big… taller than average height,” Joe Biden’s son wrote on July 12, 2018. This message was found in the hard drive of a computer he left at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019.

In the content of his Macbook Pro, in addition to his murky business deals, we often find pornography, naked selfies and images of his erect penis. A month after writing this message, Hunter Biden had published a series of photos of him having sex with an unknown woman.

The message in question is part of writings on the behavior of the widow of his brother Beau, who died in 2015 of a brain tumor, Hallie, and with whom he began a tumultuous relationship.

For therapist Alyson Cohen interviewed by the Post, Hunter Biden makes his penis a revealer of his self-esteem and that is why he was very marked by the fact that Hallie would not have given him enough importance according to him..

Any transgression on her part is forgiven because we all know she was under Hunter’s thrall. She had never acted like that. God knows this Hunter does now,” he wrote, describing his sister-in-law’s attitude as sadistic, supposedly regularly insulting her “manliness” in order to touch his ego.

At the time he wrote this message, Hunter Biden made a lot of money thanks to his position at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.The one who had three daughters with Kathleen Buhle is now married to director Melissa Cohen, mother of her son Beau Jr. Since 2020, he takes care of an artistic production.