Joséphine presents her big change in sight

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Viewers discovered Joséphine Draï in the series Plan Coeur broadcast on Netflix. The interpreter of the character Emilie could not be blonder. But that was before.
fans of the Netflix series discovered Joséphine Draï for the first time in Plan Coeur in 2018. The 37-year-old actress lends her features to the character of Emilie Châtaigne, nicknamed Milou, an unbearable friend with her partner Antoine, played by Syrus Shahidi. If her behavior has brought her a separation from the father of her child, in life Joséphine Draï has nothing to do with the role she plays.For several years, the actress has shared the life of director Benjamin Parent, with whom she started a family through the birth of their little son Saúl in December 2020. Therefore, the filmmaker seems far from being able to continue to support his beloved. Therefore, Joséphine Draï and Emilie Châtaigne had nothing in common spiritually, but the physical left them confused. Finally, until Monday January 17th.

In her Instagram story, Joséphine Draï showed herself in a new light. new head that offered itself.Say goodbye to long blonde hair and make way for brown hair! It’s obviously changing, but the skeptics can rest assured that it’s just a temporary color. As Joséphine Draï indicates in the photo of her transformation, this new look was essential for the needs of a “next role”. So it shouldn’t be long-term, even if it’s not the first time you’re going through such a transformation.

With Plan Coeur, Joséphine Draï was not in her first attempt at acting. The actress has appeared in several feature films and series. We could see him in the second part of Babysitting with Philippe Lacheau, as Javotte in The New Adventures of Cendrillon and in A Real Good Man, a dramatic comedy produced by his partner in 2020. In the same year, Franck Gastambide, then partner of Sabrina Ouazani, even offered her a small role in his series Validé. After Plan Coeur, Joséphine Draï bet on a Plan Coupé to continue this good time!