Katy Perry: Surreal scene in a nightclub, her fans will remember it for a long time

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Katy Perry stood out this Sunday, July 31 in Las Vegas while she was performing in a nightclub. A scene immortalized in video, which did not fail to react to Internet users.

While she was performing in a nightclub in Las Vegas this Sunday, July 31, Katy Perry stood out once again. She threw whole pizzas at her fans, while the audience danced to In Da Ghetto by J.Balvin and Skrillex. The people installed below tried, as best they could, to intercept the singer’s throws. A completely surreal scene, immortalized on video. This has gone viral on social media.

“Ohh being in the club trying to catch the pizza thrown by Katy Perry”, “Lol I love it so much, I’m crying [laughing]… She was looking for a plate to throw with the second slice, she got a little hesitated, but threw it anyway MDR”, “It’s more and more funny every time I watch”… Comments are flowing at the bottom of this video – shared by a fan account on Twitter – which totals already more

than 5 million views.

“A mother who feeds her children”

The main concerned has also reposted the video on her own account. “A mother who feeds her children” she wrote with great humor.

For information, the interpreter of the tubes I kissed a girl, Firework or even Roar, is currently in Nevada as part of his Residence Play, which is a series of concerts planned at the theater of Resorts World Las Vegas. She will perform on stage until August 13 before returning there a second time from October 5 to 22.

She is not accompanied by her companion Orlando Bloom, who is currently in Australia, according to 20 Minutes. As a reminder, she has been in a relationship with the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean for several years now. They had separated for the first time in 2017. A breakup very badly experienced by the 37-year-old American. She thought of everything to relieve her immense pain, even taking her own life. In the end, things worked out since she patched things up with the handsome brunette before getting engaged to him and then revealing that she was pregnant with her first child in her clip Never Worn White. On August 26, 2020, she gave birth to a daughter named Daisy Dove.