Kendall Jenner chosen to embody the new face of Messika

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After having paraded and posed for the greatest couturiers, Kendall Jenner becomes the face of the new campaign of the Messika brand. An obvious choice for artistic director Valérie Messika.

“Kendall Jenner embodies this new generation of fashion icon. She corresponds to the Messika philosophy”: it is with these words that the artistic director Valérie Messika announced her collaboration with the model to embody the new campaign of her prestigious brand of jewelry. After Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and Sylvia Hoaks among others, Valérie Messika chose to trust Kendall Jenner, as evidence: “She is both a free and confident woman. She has an assertive style while remaining natural”. Valérie Messika chose the Australian photographer Chris Colls to immortalize the beauty of the alliance between Messika jewelry and Kendall Jenner on the French Riviera: “The photos merge the momentum of Kendall Jenner’s silhouette and the infinity of the landscape . Seizing the immensity of the sea joining the sky, each image is a manifesto of freedom”. Everything Valérie Messika wanted.

Betting on Kendall Jenner to embody these new creations is not left to chance: “I see in [her] the embodiment of the alpha woman: mysterious, free and master of her destiny. She is also a strong and influential woman. She is one of those 2.0 tops, reflections of the new generation”. Valérie Messika, as always, trusted her instincts and she was right: “Our muse reflects the Messika woman. She is unique and has something to tell through her desires, her personality, her story… She conveys a message. But above all, it must embody the values ​​that are dear to the house”.

Valérie Messika is excited about this collaboration, as is her new muse Kendall Jenner: “I am delighted to have been chosen by Valérie Messika to represent her new campaign. Your jewels have always reminded me of the beauty of Paris, which is so dear to my heart! During the shooting, I was able to admire so many beautiful pieces that allowed me to rediscover the know-how of the House, which is found in the smallest details.”