Kim Kardashian: Which Sister Does She Get Along Best With, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

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Kim Kardashian celebrates her 42nd birthday on October 21, 2022. Native of Libra, with which of her sisters does she get along best, according to their respective astrological signs. A hell of a surprise!

This Friday, October 21, Kim Kardashian celebrates her 42nd birthday. Native of the sign of Libra, this gives the American star a mysterious and inaccessible side, which she likes to cultivate. After Gemini, she is the second double sign of the zodiac, which reveals some paradoxes in her. With a powerful maternal sense, she cannot imagine a life without having children, which corresponds well to this mother of four children, North, Chicago, Psalm and Saint. And she is very close to her family. But suddenly, according to the astrological signs, with which of her sisters Kim Kardashian gets along the best? Surprising revelation.

Well it is with Kendall Jenner that the relationship matches the most. Indeed, the older sister of Kylie Jenner is a native of the sign of Scorpio and between this sign of Water and that of Libra, everything is in perfect harmony. The friendship between the Libra and the Scorpio is tied very easily. And there does not seem to be any element likely to give rise to any conflict between these two signs. Between these two talkers, no secrets. And time seems to fly by. A surprise yes, but ultimately not that much…


We know that Kendall Jenner is not the favorite sister of Kim Kardashian, who revealed that even if it often changed over time, the latest seemed to be Khloé, according to the confidences of Kanye’s ex-wife West. But it’s probably also for a reason of age. Indeed, Kendall is only 26 years old and is therefore closer to Kylie Jenner, two years her junior, as she had also revealed. But astrologically, another Scorpio from the Kardashian family proves how strong the agreement with Libra Kim is… It’s Kris Jenner. It’s no secret to (almost) anyone that Kim Kardashian is indeed one of the first to have made her mother proud. And in the past, she has more than once claimed that this is her favorite girl.