Kylie Jenner: This gift from her mother for her 25th birthday estimated at 100,000 dollars!

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As she celebrated her 25th birthday with her loved ones, Kylie Jenner was spoiled by her mother who gave her a very expensive gift. Enough to make more than one jealous, and especially more than one!

While sitting aboard a yacht in the Bahamas with her loved ones to celebrate her 25th birthday, the sublime Kylie Jenner received a very rare gift from her mother: a Hermès Birkin bag, from worth $100,000! The reality TV star obviously left to express all her joy when she discovered this offering.

“Wonderful !” she exclaimed, reports the Daily Mail, before explaining that there were only three copies of this specific bag (everything depends in particular on the color) in the world.

A very prestigious accessory, which she can therefore now add to her huge collection of bags worth 1 million dollars. Just that ! A few hours earlier, she filmed herself on Tiktok, wearing a little pale pink tight dress with a cup of coffee in hand, showing her fans the delicious brunch of croissants, muffins, iced coffees, and fruit, waiting for him..

You are so special and unique”

We then saw her in the company of her sisters, her best friends like Yris Palmer, her personal assistant as well as her 4-year-old granddaughter Stormi, born of her relationship with rapper Travis Scott. The pretty brunette then shared a series of photos from her evening on Instagram, on which we see her in a glamorous dress with sequined figure-hugging and sparkling earrings posing in front of a fireworks display.

In particular, she received a ton of statements on the networks from her relatives, starting with her sister Kim Kardashian. “Each year you surprise me with the wisdom, the protection of your loved ones and the generosity of your heart. You are so special and unique.

You have so much love and happiness in your love that I pray for it forever” wrote Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend on her Instagram, sharing a snapshot of her and her sister. Her mother and her other sister Kendall also paid tribute to the birthday girl. A day placed under the sign of love and benevolence for the influencer!