Lewis Hamilton soon deprived of Grand Prix because of… his piercing?

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This weekend, Formula 1 drivers will be on the Silverstone circuit for the British Grand Prix. The opportunity for Lewis Hamilton to return home, but he may not even be able to get into his vehicle because of his piercing!

This is the big controversy of the moment in Formula 1, but it could quickly be overshadowed by another problem. In recent days, an interview given by former motorsport legend Nelson Piquet has caused a scandal. The 69-year-old Brazilian called Lewis Hamilton a “little nigger”, causing a real media outcry and a fairly quick response from the person concerned. “These are more than words. These are archaic mentalities that need to be changed and have no place in our sport. I have been surrounded by these attitudes and targeted my whole life. There have been a lot of time to learn. Now is the time to act,” he said on Twitter.

A case that caused a huge reaction in the world of Formula 1, but after his strong and fair words, Lewis Hamilton could be faced with another major problem. This weekend, the ex of Nicole Scherzinger returns home for the Grand Prix of Silverstone, which takes place in Great Britain. Originally from Stevenage, the 37-year-old driver returns to his native country and he hopes to shine, unless a point of regulation simply prevents him from competing! After months of tension over the Briton wearing a nose piercing, it seems that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has decided to sanction him.


For several months, the FIA ​​granted a pardon to Lewis Hamilton, but it ends today. This means that Max Verstappen’s great rival is no longer allowed to wear his nose piercing and if the institution wants to be very strict, it could go so far as to prevent him from participating in the Silverstone Grand Prix. For his part, the driver does not seem at all ready to comply with the imposed regulations, just like the president of the FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who does not want any compromise.

If relations are very tense between Lewis Hamilton and the FIA, the English driver could be financially sanctioned and in the worst case excluded from the race. Let’s hope for the show that the situation is settled amicably by Sunday.