LilyRose Depp, sexier than ever – Posing in a tight body with little coverage

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Failing to find her in French cinemas, we can always follow her career as an actress on social networks! On the cover of “Wonderland” magazine, Lily-Rose Depp is revealed in a look that is as sharp as it is sensual.

From the top of her 22 years, Lily-Rose Depp continues to make a name for herself as an actress. With three films already released this year, Crisis, Voyagers and Silent Night, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp will soon be showing in the thriller Wolf, directed by Nathalie Biancheri. An ambitious project for which she is on the cover of the new magazine Wonderland for its winter edition.

In front of Corentin Leroux’s lens, Lily-Rose Depp posed in an outfit that was both original and sexy: tight top with XL neckline showing her belly, green disco ball skirt and surprising Y Project pumps … young actress signs a daring cover there, of which she seems particularly proud: “Talking about everything WOLF and doing it all with my girlfriend margaretqualley. Thank you wonderland for giving me the chance to talk about a movie that matters so much to me, with someone I love so much! ”

Failing to have a release date in France, the film Wolf must be released in American cinemas on December 3. This thriller had a preview at the Toronto Film Festival last September. This feature film features a home of disturbed young people who think they are animals and not human beings. Among them, a young man who takes himself for a wolf, undergoes a terrible treatment on behalf of the doctor of the center. But what if he really was a wild beast?Active and visibly fulfilled on the pro side, Lily-Rose Depp seems just as fulfilled on the heart side. After having broken up with Timothée Chalamet and briefly dated the American actor Austin Butler, the muse of the house of Chanel could well have started a new romance with a French rapper: a certain Yassine Stein … The duo was indeed seen very accomplice on several occasions, between Paris and Los Angeles, in recent weeks.