Marilyn Monroe pregnant with Yves Montand: this disturbing round belly

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While the Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, will be released in September on Netflix, some secret photos of the star caused a lot of noise a few years ago. The small belly displayed by the Hollywood icon revived the thesis according to which she was pregnant with Yves Montand.

On September 23, Blonde, the highly anticipated Marilyn Monroe biopic, will be released on Netflix on September 23. While Ana de Armas is the target of some gossips, reproaching her for her Cuban accent, this film is above all an opportunity to look again at the crazy life of this icon. In particular his passionate history with the Frenchman Yves Montand. Was the Some Like It Hot actress pregnant with the actor? Some disturbing photos have raised many doubts almost 50 years later.

In 1960, Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand had a romantic relationship, an affair for the man who was then married to Simone Signoret. For her part, Marilyn is also married to Arthur Miller. With Yves Montand, they share the poster for the film The Billionaire and 50 years after their romance, the photos of the two stars are rather disturbing. On these pictures, which date from the summer of 1960, the actress displays a small round belly which suggests that she could then have been pregnant. These photos, which thus support this crazy thesis, were taken by a friend of Marilyn Monroe, Frieda Hull. The

Hollywood actress was then 34 years old.

Secret photos finally revealed

They were always kept secret until the photographer died in 2004. Her home was then put up for auction along with the photos, revealed by the Daily Mail. Frieda Hull reportedly told Tony Michaels, one of her neighbors, that the legendary Men Prefer Blondes star told her she was pregnant with Yves Montand. “Frieda was very proud of these photos and she was very proud to have kept them secret until her death, he had revealed. But she told me their story, that Marilyn was pregnant with Yves Montand. was not an assumption or a suspicion, she simply knew it, she was very close to Marilyn.”

“She called these photos the ‘pregnant’ shots, she told me that the father was Yves Montand, she also told me how Arthur Miller had been asked elsewhere, just like Simone Signoret, leaving Marilyn and Yves in their hotel in Beverly Hills, in side-by-side rooms,” he said. As for this secret pregnancy, it would not have come to term, as explained by Tony Michaels, revealing that the actress had lost the baby. “It was never said if she had had a miscarriage or an abortion” we learn. Marilyn Monroe always wanted to have a child, but had three miscarriages before this supposed pregnancy.