Princess Märtha Louise proud of her daughter Leah

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Her daughter Leah is a famous influencer! One is a designer, the other a make-up artist and the last rider emeritus… Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has much to be proud of with her three talented daughters. His second, Leah, even won an award recently as an influencer.

From the height of her 16 years, Leah Isadora Behn is making a name for herself, at a distance from the royal family of Norway. The granddaughter of King Harald V, daughter of Princess Märtha Louise, is almost more known for her talents as a makeup artist than for her royal parentage! Gifted with brushes, the teenager now stands out among the influencers to follow in her country.

For more than three years now, Leah has been filming herself regularly from home, performing various and varied make-ups: glittery evening look, beauty treatment loaded with lots of eyeliner, tutorials for Halloween… All styles and all the techniques go through it, to the delight of its community, which has grown over the years. The one which now has 74,000 subscribers is even followed by an agent specializing in digital content.

Last October, young Leah was even awarded. The teen won the Vixen Award for Beauty Influencer of the Year at a ceremony in Oslo, for which she was accompanied by her mother. “I’m so proud!! To think that Beauty Influencer of the Year Vixen is my one and only @leahhhbeauty!!!! Am so proud of you girl!!! From the age of 2, we knew you wanted to be someone in makeup or fashion,” Princess Martha shared on Instagram. “You have such dedication to what you do and you’re a huge inspiration to the rest of you. between us being in the cabin and tormented over a new YouTube or TikTok video. Love you girl. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

If Leah is destined for a career as a beauty influencer, her two sisters have taken very different directions: her eldest Maud (soon to be 19) is making a name for herself as a designer, after having published an illustrated book at the last fall. The youngest, Emma (13), is a promising rider. Something to fill their mother with happiness, who finds herself alone to raise them since the death of their father, the writer Ari Behn, who committed suicide in 2019.

Finally, Princess Märtha is not entirely alone. Separated from the father of her daughters before her death, she found love again in the arms of an American shaman, a certain Durek Verrett. The couple plans to get married soon.