Protesters cover the Russian ambassador with blood-red paint.

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Before a visit to a Warsaw cemetery by demonstrators against the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia’s envoy to Poland was splashed with blood-red paint.

In honor of Victory Day, a major Russian celebration commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany, Ambassador Sergey Andreev arrived at the Soviet Military Cemetery to offer flowers for fighters who died during WWII.

Before he could lay the flowers, Andreev was confronted by demonstrators who stole the wreath he had planned to return at the cemetery and trampled it, leaving it useless.

A protester standing next to him then threw red paint at the ambassador from behind, before striking him with a large blob.

Those who opposed the conflict waved Ukrainian flags and chanted “fascists” and “murderers” at Andreev.

Security guards for the ambassador appeared to have been caught up in the paint attack and were sprayed with the chemical.

According to ABC News, some protestors wore white sheets splattered with crimson in remembrance of Ukrainian war deaths.

In an online statement, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova spoke out and condemned the incident, saying Russia “will not be afraid” and Europeans “should be afraid to see their reflection “Neo-Nazi admirers have come forward again,” Zakharova said, adding that the incident reflected the “road to revival of fascism.”

After the attack, the Polish government was reprimanded for not providing Andreev with more security, although Poland’s current Minister of the Interior, Mariusz Kaminski, stated that the Polish government had advised Andreev not to visit the cemetery to lay flowers and that the police did not allowed him to safely leave the crime scene.

“The meeting of opponents of Russian aggression against Ukraine, wherever putting to death is committed each day, was legal,” Kaminski said. It’ intelligible that Ukrainian marchers, whose husbands are fighting valorously in defense of their motherland, are emotional chevaliers. Protesters command a march in capital of Poland on Sunday (8 May) additionally to the demonstration at the land site, throughout that they brought a tank on a tractor and put it ahead of the Russian Embassy. Andreev’ visit to the cemetery came once the Russian Embassy in Poland off a planned V-day march in response to criticism from native officials and also the Polish foreign ministry.