Taylor Swift and T.Kelce had a lovely day together visiting a zoo.

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Not long after Travis Kelce arrived in Australia, he went on a date with Taylor Swift at the Sydney Zoo on February 22nd.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted at the Sydney Zoo on Feb. 22, despite their ability to keep a low profile. This was Taylor’s second visit to the zoo in a week, as she is scheduled to perform four shows in Sydney starting on Feb. 23. During their visit, Taylor wore denim shorts, a red tank top, and white tennis shoes, while Travis wore a black T-shirt, red shorts, and a white hat and shoes.

The couple was seen petting a kangaroo and exploring other exhibits at the zoo. It seems that Sabrina Carpenter, who is opening for Taylor on the Australia leg of the Eras Tour, also joined them for parts of their outing. Although Taylor has been in Australia since her shows in Melbourne on Feb. 16, Travis only arrived in the country shortly before their visit to the zoo.

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Travis and Taylor’s recent date was heartwarming, but fans of the “Anti-Hero” singer are eagerly awaiting the football player’s appearance at the upcoming Eras Tour shows this weekend. If he goes, it will be Travis’ third time seeing his girlfriend perform, starting with his well-known attendance at her show in Kansas City last July. While he still has a ways to go to match the 13 NFL games Taylor attended this season leading up to the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, the couple will continue to show their support for each other, whether it’s at a concert or just a casual trip to the zoo.

Taylor explained to TIME in December that having a public relationship means that they openly support each other in their passions and don’t worry about who else is around. In contrast, keeping a relationship private requires extra effort to hide it from others. Taylor and Travis are proud to be together and continue to support each other in their relationship. Explore the highlights of their romance.