Taylor Swift ‘s Tormented Writers Office & More Verses Decoded

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Taylor Swift ‘s The Tormented Writers Office collection dropped April 19, including gestures to Joe Alwyn, Matty Healy, Clara Bow, Charlie Puth and, yes, Travis Kelce.

All the decoded verses below. Buckle up, Swifties: We’re riding in a getaway car to a unused era.

At midnight April 19, Taylor Quick dropped her 11th studio collection The Tormented Writers Office, including tunes filled with cherish, misfortune and, of course, Easter eggs.

In truth, the track “So Long, London,” an clear gesture to the Grammy winner’s 2023 breakup with Joe Alwyn, incorporates a few of the most heartbreakingly excellent verses on the album.

“You swore that you cherished me but where were the clues? I kicked the bucket on the sacrificial table holding up for the verification,” Taylor swift —who has since moved on with NFL star Travis Kelce—sings on the track. “You yielded us to the divine beings of your bluest days.”

“And I’m fair getting color back into my confront,” the verses proceed, some time recently referencing the time Taylor went through in the city all through her six-year relationship with the British on-screen character.

“I’m fair frantic as hell ’cause I adored this put for so long, London / Had a great run / Minute of warm sun / But I’m not the one.”

Several tunes on the album—including “Fortnight” and “New Out the Slammer”—also show up to address Taylor’s revived sentiment with The 1975’s Matty Healy, which was briefly resuscitated in the spring of 2023 after her breakup with Joe.

Taylor Swift
“Now beautiful infant, I’m running back domestic to you,” Taylor swift —who to begin with started relationship rumors with Matty in 2014—sings in “New Out the Slammer,” including, “I know who my to begin with call will be to.”

And in spite of the fact that Taylor swift reflects on her past in TTPD, she famous in an April 19 social media message that this chapter has authoritatively come to an end.

“The Tormented Artists Division. An compilation of unused works that reflect occasions, conclusions and estimations from a transitory and fatalistic minute in time – one that was both outstanding and pitiful in break even with degree,” she composed. “This period of the author’s life is presently over, the chapter closed and boarded up.’

“There is nothing to vindicate, no scores to settle once wounds have recuperated. And upon encourage reflection, a great number of them turned out to be self-inflicted,” she proceeded. “This author is of the firm conviction that our tears gotten to be sacred in the frame of ink on a page. Once we have talked our saddest story, we can be free of it. And at that point all that’s cleared out behind is the tormented verse.”