“They went too far”: Céline Dion’s family dezingue Aline, the film by Valérie Lemercier

You are currently viewing “They went too far”: Céline Dion’s family dezingue Aline, the film by Valérie Lemercier

The inevitable happened ! Unsurprisingly, Celine Dion’s relatives did not hide the fact that they did not like “Aline”, the true / false biopic to the critically yet largely laudatory signed Valérie Lemercier. His clan seems to have completely missed the fictional aspect, retaining only the first degree.

If Celine Dion has probably not seen Aline yet, although she is ready, some of her relatives have done it for her: her sister Claudette and her brother Michel. The latter were invited by Julie Snyder, in her program La Semaine des 4 Julie pour Noovo. They said frankly what they thought of the film, which is already a hit in the cinema.

Celine Dion’s manager for three decades and one of the architects of the star’s career, Michel Dion is inevitably very present in Aline, true / false biopic around the most famous Quebec diva on the planet. And, clearly, he didn’t agree with the tone of the film. “Even if they wanted to make a kind of comedy I find that, frankly, for mom [the late Thérèse Dion, played by the excellent Danielle Fichaud, Editor’s note], and even for Céline, they went too far”, a- he reacted at first, then citing many details from the film that he didn’t laugh with and that he thought were wrong.

Therein lies the whole problem, the star clan completely missed the humorous aspect of Valérie Lemercier, which was announced from the beginning, who did not want to make a direct biographical film, hence the choice of the fictional names.

Of course there are a lot of funny things, but that doesn’t make fun of Celine Dion. He said about Europe 1 in 2018 regarding his approach between sincere appreciation and a desire to entertain people with the incredible life of the performer of My Heart Will Go On. “It’s going to be a fun movie. I’m going to ask Celine’s permission, but I think he’s got a lot of humor and a lot of ridicule, “she told the Parisian in 2017.” I’m not a filmmaker, I’m not a director, not at all, not at all, but if I’m one of those Seeing a film and knowing the story, I tell myself that people make stories to each other. The film that Claudette and I saw, ‘This’ is not exactly what you thought it was,’ he added. Michel Dion.

Claudette Dion, significantly less nuanced and angry, sparked the project of Valérie Lemercier, who, however, ignited in France has already registered 900,000 admissions and declared: “For me it is not a great success … My mother had never spoken to her like this to René.And Celine never wanted anything. We went through a gang of bougons (…) I don’t know the language, I don’t know my family, I don’t know our roots (…) Life (…) It’s true that it’s a beautiful love story but she didn’t reach me, she didn’t touch me, I forgive her! It is not that! She also criticizes Valérie Lemercier for some very funny, deliberately humorous scenes that didn’t exist, both in her magnificent Florida villa and on her wedding day, or for her alleged habit of stealing sugar bags in hotels …