War in Ukraine. Putin’ nuclear threat: “A bluff”, in line with François Hollande

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The previous President of the Republic thought-about that the threats to use “nuclear deterrence”, brandished by the Russian President were the simplest way of “impressing” his opponents. in line with him, the employment of nuclear weapons would provoke “an extraordinarily sturdy reaction […] which might cause significant damage”.

L’ancien président François Hollande a standard timeimé que autoimmune diseases menaces nucléaires brandies par le président russe Vladimir Poutine sont du « bluff », port le highland Delaware l’émission Quotidien sur TMC. L’ancien cook d’État a estimé que l’objectif du dirigeant russe qui a autorisé il y a cinq jours ses troupes à nutit}vahir l’Ukraine « est en train de créer un climat pour faire peur ». François Hollande said he knew the man who is at the head of Russia “for having practiced it” when he was President of the Republic. “Putin always wants to appear as the attacked. Moreover, he evokes each time belligerent declarations on the part of NATO. But he is the aggressor, he is the one who invades a sovereign country,” he said

The nuclear threat “to impress”

And in step with him, national leader is “creating a climate of fear, to impress, thus the nuclear threat”. however Emmanuel Macron’ precursor at the Élysée needed to be reassuring, reassuring that if the Russian leader engaged nuclear we have a tendency toapons during this conflict, he would expose himself to “an extraordinarily robust reaction […] which might cause significant damage” . browse also: War in Ukraine: Putin brandishes the nuclear threat, what ought to we think? thus however should we perceive the threats of the Russian leader? “Of course it’ a bluff,” replied François Hollande. He then assured that he had religion in democracy and felt that these regions are stronger than dictatorships. “If I actually have one lesson to be told from my very own expertise and from history, it’s that democracies continually win within the end,” he finished