War in Ukraine: World’s largest plane destroyed by Russian strikes

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The Antonov-225, the largest plane in the world, a Ukrainian pride, was destroyed by Russian strikes, we learned on Sunday February 27.

The largest aircraft in the world, the Ukrainian Antonov-225 freighter, was destroyed by Russian strikes on an airport near Kiev in the heart of heavy fighting, the state group Ukroboronprom announced on Sunday February 27.

Russia destroyed our Mriya. however it’ll ne’er achieve destroying our dream of a strong, free and democratic European state. we are going to win,” Ukrainian minister Dmytro Kuleba aforesaid on Twitter.

This announcement comes as Gostomel airport has been the scene of violent clashes since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday by the Russian army, which is trying to seize this strategic infrastructure. Ukroboronprom estimated that restoring the “Mriya” would cost over $3 billion and take over five years.

First flight in 1988:

Our mission is to confirm that these expenses are lined by Russia, that deliberately inflicted injury on Ukrainian aviation,” the cluster any stressed.

at the start engineered as a part of the Soviet physical science programs, specially for the transport of the Buran area shuttle, the An-225 created its first flight in 1988.

Once many years of inactivity for lack of means that following the autumn of the Soviet Union, the sole existing copy made a check flight in 2001 in Gostomel, regarding twenty kilometers from Kiev.

it’s since been operated by the Ukrainian airline Antonov Airlines for on-demand load flights and was in high demand, notably at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.