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Warranty and ServiceProfessional products

Two or three-time limited bond GN Audio(” GN”) assures the stoner copping his product from an authorized distributor or reseller(” GN mate”) that the product is guaranteed against any material disfigurement or manufacturing disfigurement by the conditions set forth below( “ Warranty ”), for the following limited period( “ Warranty Period ”)

Wired and Wireless Speak/ PanaCast products two times from the date of the product purchase
BIZ 2400/ Engage 50/ Engage LINK three times from the date of the product purchase.

Bond shall automatically terminate if the product is( a) modified, repaired, or serviced by any party other than GN or a GN mate authorized to take over repairs on GN’s behalf, whether or not repairs are performed, or( b) used withnon-GN ornon-GN-certified accessories or supplemental outfit.

During the bond period, GN will, at its sole option, repair the product with new or refurbished corridor, replace the product with a new or refurbished new, or reimburse the purchase price of the product( “ Warranty Service ”).

Unless else specified by GN, the payload of the relief product will do only after the stoner has returned the imperfect product and it has been entered at GN’s storehouse. The bond describes the extent and limits of GN’s scores to the stoner, subject to changes made by applicable law.

The last one for replaced or repaired products is sixmonths OR the remainder of the original bond period, whichever is longer.

As part of compliance with its commitments to environmental protection, the changed GN product may correspond of repaired outfit containing used factors, some of which have been remanufactured.

All recycled corridor meet GN’s high- quality norms and performance and trustability specifications. imperfect corridor or products replaced by or returned to GN during the bond period remain the property of GN.

How to gain Warranty Service

In the event of a breakdown during the bond period, we invite you to communicate the GN mate from whom you bought the product.

The imperfect product must be returned in its original packaging if possible, or failing that in packaging offering an original degree of protection.

During the bond period, according to the legislation in force, the stoner will bear the costs of dispatching the product to GN or to any other reality that GN will indicate tohim.

However, GN will bear the shipping costs for the repaired or changed product, If the product is covered by the bond.

The stoner will be charged the shipping costs for the return of the product if it isn’t covered by the guarantee.

Any damage incurred in conveyance is the responsibility of the carrier, to the extent permitted by law, and any claims should be made directly to the carrier.

To admit bond service, you must submit the following information

The imperfect product,The name of the stoner, the name of the company if applicable, the postal address, thee-mail address, and the telephone number,

A description of the problem evidence of purchase easily shows the GN Partner’s name and address, date of purchase, product type, and model number.

Without evidence of purchase, the bond period will begin grounded on the product’s periodical number.

Out- of- bond factors and accessories

Limited life factors and accessories subject to natural wear and tear and gash are barred from bond unless imperfect or damaged when bought. The affected products are

• Standard Modular Plug QD Leads
• QD cord sets with a standard specific draw
• Standard USB lines
• appendage sockets
• LINK Mobile cords
• Modular lines RJ9 to RJ9
• Busy light
• Headbands
• necklaces
• Earpads
• observance gels


• BTEs
• Cases and Covers
• Headset bases
• table stands
• Wall fixings
• Charging bases• Microphone Windscreens
• ornamental accessories
• Froth Accessories
• Removable batteries
Consumables and accessories that fail in use within fourteen( 14) days of their date of purchase will be considered imperfect or damaged when bought.

The bond applies only to products bought for use, and not intended for resale. This bond isn’t considered valid if the original periodical number, date law, and/ or product marker have been altered or removed.
re of the product.

This bond applies only to imperfect accouterments and workmanship.It doesn’t cover blights or damage performed from indecorous storehouse, installation, or prosecution; abuse or abuse; accident or negligence, contact with liquid.

subjugating the product or accessory to indecorous or abnormal use or conditions, or any other act which isn’t within the compass of GN’s liability similar as loss of the device, including situations attributable to a GN mate.

The bond doesn’t apply to products that haven’t been charged for sixmonths.However, the Product may not serve duly or parade full functionality.

If a Product’s battery has not been charged for a period of six months. GN makes no bond for this situation.

It’s the stoner’s responsibility to handle and watch for their product by the instructions and specifications handed with the product. Repairs performing from failure to follow these instructions won’t be covered by the bond.

any repairs, reserves, or refunds handed under this bond are the stoner’s exclusive remedy.

Gn and the Gn mate shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages performing from breach of any immediate or unexpressed product bond, including but not limited to marketable loss, incidental charges, loss of time, or any other vexation.

To the extent permitted by law, this bond is exclusive and rather of any other immediate, inferred or bond of any kind, including but not limited to the guaranties of merchantability and fitness for a purpose particular.


The bond gives the stoner specific legal rights which may vary depending on their country of hearthstone. Some authorities don’t allow the rejection or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or inferred guarantees.

This is the reason why certain limitations mentioned below may not be applicable. The bond doesn’t affect any statutory legal rights governed by applicable public or original laws.