Why does Sandra Bullock suddenly put her career on hold?

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Sandra Bullock has made an announcement that should not please her fans: The actress is putting her career on hold to get closer to her family and in particular her two adopted children. His next film The Lost City which will be released in France in April could be his last for a long time…

Actress Sandra Bullock will put her career on hold to be closer to her children. Indeed, the Oscar winner told Entertainment Tonight that she wanted to be “in the place that makes her happiest” which is at home.

“I take things very seriously when I’m working, I have a 24/7 career and there I want to take care of my babies and my family all the time. And that’s what I’ll do for a little while” said the star. As a reminder, Sandra Bullock is a single mother and has adopted her two children, Louis, 12, and Laila, 10. The Gravity star also took the opportunity to say that his break would serve him to meet all their needs and manage his own social life. In addition, she spoke about her way of protecting her children during the Covid-19 crisis. “All the parents who know me know that I am a pandemic freak. They know very well that their child will not return home with the virus” joked the star.

Sandra Bullock had decided to adopt with ex-husband Jesse Gregory James in 2010 before they abruptly split later that same year after several women said they were having an affair with the founder of motorcycle company West Coast Choppers, including a stripper. The divorce was pronounced in June. while Sandra Bullock continued with the adoption process alone. She then had a brief relationship with photographer Bryan Randall.

Before he disappears from our screens, the star will be in the cast of action-romance comedy The Lost City, which will be released in France on April 20th. He will share the poster with Harry Potter protagonist Daniel Radcliffe and of course Channing Tatum whose actress fell in love. “He feels so good. He knew it was for comedy, so he wasn’t trying to be serious,” he said, before revealing his weakness for a part of the actor’s anatomy that’s particularly visible in the film… “His buttocks are very soft , we don’t need to retouch anything, they are like a baby’s.”