Saving ‘Euphoria’ 3: Cast, Story & Everything We Know

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 During its two-season run on HBO, “Euphoria” has propelled its youthful cast into superstardom and won different Emmys, whereas moreover being a magnet for contention — but anything lies ahead for the Sam Levinson-created appear is going to have to hold up.

Earlier this week, HBO formally deferred the dramatization, which was set to start generation afterward this spring. “HBO and Sam Levinson stay committed to making an uncommon third season,” an HBO representative told Assortment. “In the between times, we are permitting our in-demand cast to seek after other opportunities.

What the organize isn’t saying

That no one at HBO is at all beyond any doubt a third season of “Euphoria” will ever come to fulfillment given the different dreams for the show’s another chapter. But “Euphoria” has been important to the organize — pulling in the often-elusive millennial and Gen Z watchers, as well as gigantic evaluations — and administrators from Casey Bloys on down feel they require to attempt to total the story.

Sources tell Assortment that Levinso

 who applies full inventive control over the appear, composing and coordinating each scene, proposed his vision for the season in winter 2023, highlighting a time bounce five a long time into the future for the previous understudies of East Good country Tall School. HBO thought his pitch and early drafts for the season — which included substantial bends for Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi that a source portrayed as “very compelling” — were a solid begin. But after the WGA strike finished, and as the full scripts started coming in, they didn’t pass marshal with Zendaya, “Euphoria’s” two-time Emmy-winning star who is presently 27 a long time ancient. (HBO declined to comment, whereas Levinson’s group alluded to HBO’s past articulation and declined advance comment.)

Zendaya — who is in tall request in the film world much obliged to the box-office execution of “Dune:

Portion Two” ($580 million around the world and tallying) — and Levinson have delighted in a inventively advantageous relationship from the begin of “Euphoria,” one that carried over to the Netflix film “Malcolm & Marie” amid the widespread. In spite of the fact that she doesn’t have reject control over the scripts, as the star and an official maker of “Euphoria,” Zendaya advertised Levinson critical input for where she’d like Season 3 to go. (A agent for Zendaya did not react to a ask for comment.)

Sources say

Levinson as of now was in upgrade mode, since performing artist Angus Cloud, who kicked the bucket of an overdose final July at age 25, figured intensely into the beginning concept for the season. In November, “Euphoria” maker Kevin Turen kicked the bucket abruptly of heart disappointment at the age of 45, which was another traumatic blow for Levinson and the cast, and advance moderated down the inventive process.

When Levinson turned in his reexamined scripts in late 2023 and early 2024, HBO execs were presently the ones feeling unsatisfied. There was a modern circular segment for Zendaya’s Regret, whose character in Levinson’s to begin with pass had been consigned to the foundation in a to some degree astounding storyline around her working as a private analyst, which HBO had instantly vetoed.


Among numerous other thoughts for the revamps, Zendaya had pitched an thought in which Mourn, who is presently calm as a twentysomething youthful lady, would be a pregnancy surrogate. But insiders say the unused scripts essentially didn’t feel like the appear tonally. Given all the inventive contradictions, HBO investigated other alternatives, counting the thought of Levinson himself venturing absent from “Euphoria.

Other scenarios have been proposed

but disposed of, such as a motion picture or specials, like the two one-offs that HBO circulated amid the widespread, one in December 2020, the other the taking after month.

But sources tell Assortment that not as it were are the show’s cast contracted for a third season, but they’re all really committed to seeing “Euphoria” — with Levinson — through to the conclusion with a third season, especially Zendaya, Sweeney and Elordi. The same can’t fundamentally be said for their individual agents, given the required time commitment. After the moment season, HBO renegotiated the cast’s bargains, and gave them critical compensation bumps.

But for Zendaya, Sweeney and Elordi, all three win on “Euphoria” distant less than what they might command doing movies instep.

Like Zendaya, Sweeney, 26, is coming off a hot big-screen hit with the sentimental comedy “Anyone but You” ($217 million, in spite of being a title with no fundamental pre-branded mental property). Elordi, 26, too has seen his stock rise altogether taking after the basic victory of the mental thriller “Saltburn” and is as of now shooting Guillermo del Toro’s big-budget Netflix film “Frankenstein.”

Although Zendaya has however to examined Levinson’s modern scripts, sources say the third season isn’t dead and may exceptionally well come together. HBO has liberated up the cast for the rest of 2024, promising to come back to them on Oct. 1 with a strong arrange to start shooting in 2025.

The shoot, if were it to happen, would tie up the cast for 25 weeks, and the season will likely be decreased from eight scenes to six — in spite of the fact that if Levinson were to require more, HBO is open to it. Levinson is presently taking another swing at the fabric, whereas inventive discussions proceed between him and HBO.

(He has an by and large bargain with the arrange.) The arrange is expectation on attempting to get one last season of “Euphoria” out of Levinson and his all-star cast. A few accept that the victory or need thereof of Zendaya’s up and coming film “Challengers,” which opens April 26, seem impact “Euphoria’s” destiny — and approaching in the foundation, of course, is the up and coming “Spider-Man 4,” in spite of the fact that the script for that film is still being worked on, and there’s no executive or begin date.

What’s not on the table for “Euphoria” is going into generation without completed scripts that everybody is upbeat with. Levinson did that amid the uncommon circumstance that was “The Idol,” his disturbed extend with the Weeknd, which was regarded a imaginative calamity and a exorbitant pretension .