Alec Baldwin back at work after Halyna Hutchins’ death: ‘It’s weird…’

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Still traumatized by the death of Halyna Hutchins, Alec Baldwin returns to work for the first time since the tragedy. Taking to Instagram, the actor confided how difficult it was now for him to return to a film set…
More than three months after the terrible tragedy that
happened on the set of the film Rust, where Halyna Hutchins died after an accidental shooting Alec Baldwin, the actor, confided in his Instagram account to have returned to work. Currently in a new project 97 Minutes, a low-budget thriller about airplane disasters. The actor has revealed how “weird” it was for him to return to a movie set.

“It’s weird going back to work,” the 63-year-old actor said Monday. “I haven’t worked since October 21st last year when something horrible happened on the set of this film and our cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died in an accident.”

Still in shock, he says he “even still has trouble” talking about the death of Halyna Hutchins. Hilaria’s husband also took the opportunity to settle accounts with his Rust film team, which he said was very inexperienced. A fact that greatly contributed to the drama that occurred on October 21, 2021, according to the actor. “When you have a very limited budget, you fill positions with people who are… who are good, but they’re probably early in their careers. And young. Everybody’s young,” he explained.

Jokes that he feels like he’s forgotten how to act and “all that nonsense” of making movies, Alec Baldwin also pointed out how much he misses his kids and hopes the future would have some nice surprises in store for him with his wife. “Who knows what the future holds. I hope for good things,” he concluded.

As a reminder, the Rust film crew is bereaved by the accidental death of Halyna Hutchins, aged 42, who had been hit by a bullet from a pistol held by Alec Baldwin. A weapon which should have contained blanks and which would not have been verified by the gunsmith hired on the project. A judicial inquiry is still underway to try to understand how and why this tragedy happened and Alex Baldwin’s cell phone has asked to be seized.