Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez treat themselves to an impressive mansion

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They have finally found their shoes: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, looking for a main residence since their wedding on July 17, finally offered themselves a most impressive property with a mansion of 3530 m2. The amount of this remains? Around $61 million, paid in cash by the couple.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had already visited this mansion in 2021 and fell in love with it. The two lovers finally took the plunge and decided to buy the dream house. This property, totaling 21 acres, is located in the hills of Beverly Hills and is one of the prime residences in the Benedict Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Initially listed on the market for $135 million, an amount that made it one of the most expensive homes in Los Angeles County, the Afflecks’ new home was eventually sold for $61 million. A good deal for the two American stars.

According to information from Dirt, the house, built in the early 2000s, saw its value increase significantly in 2016, following its acquisition by Gala Asher, a well-known promoter in the field. He had indeed undertaken multiple works, in particular by adding a separate sports complex of 465 m² as well as a guard house with two bedrooms.

This sober and elegant looking mansion houses a total of 12 bedrooms, for no less than 24 bathrooms. It also has a private cinema, a wine cellar, a spa with a hair and manicure salon. J.Lo and Ben Affleck will also be able to take advantage of a garage fitted out to accommodate a dozen vehicles, a 14 m² infinity pool and an outdoor pavilion with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.