“All my pride”: Rare secrets from Johnny Depp

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About his children Jack and Lily-Rose, “a shining star”

If he is now fully focused on his new projects including “Jeanne du Barry”, for which he was particularly well received at Cannes, Johnny Depp does not forget the most important: his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, now adults but over whom he watches over on a daily basis. And while his daughter will soon land on the Croisette, the actor took advantage of an interview to cover her with compliments…

Under the spotlight for several months due to his trial for violence against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is making his comeback in the world of cinema this week with Jeanne du Barry, in which he plays King Louis in French. XV. An unexpected role but which he accepted with pleasure, he who was ejected from several projects because of his legal problems.

And who may have seen it as a way to get closer to his children: indeed, Lily-Rose and Jack (23 and 21), born of his past love affair with Vanessa Paradis, are Franco-American and spend a lot of time in France. The two young adults, however, are still at the center of their father’s concerns, as he confided to Madame Figaro during an interview.

“My two children make me proud,” he explained in particular. Before covering her eldest with compliments, she who now walks in her footsteps in the cinema. “Lily Rose is very smart, she has always been one of those people who observes with finesse and lucidity what surrounds her, who works diligently without saying a word. She is incredibly beautiful, intelligent, attentive to others. She is a shining star. And I’m objective, of course!”, he describes happily.

A caring father

Two children who grew up on two continents, but who know that their parents are always there to support them in their respective careers. Moreover, the actor, who should find his daughter on the Croisette on Monday for the presentation of The Idol, repeats it: communication is essential in their family.

“With Vanessa [Paradis, whom he left in 2012], we raised them with the assurance that they could come and talk to us, confide and ask for help with absolutely anything. But, personally, I don’t don’t really like to give advice, unless I perceive something disturbing … in which case, I try to intervene,” he explains in the same interview. A good relationship, which satisfies him, he who owns a property in the south of France to be closer to them and who would even think of buying a house in Paris.

On the other hand, with his partner Maïwenn, relations are more relaxed! Mother of two children Shanna (30) and Diego (20), born of two different relationships, the director and actress of Jeanne du Barry is lucid: “Mine are at an age where they no longer want to receive advice. They just want to prove that they can do things for themselves. I hope there will be a second wind where they listen to their parents again… But until then, my only mission is just to love them”. A beautiful message that her son Diego, with her in Cannes, will surely have heard!