Rihanna once again faced with a very early death in her family

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The “Dailymail” revealed that Rihanna lost her cousin Tanella, who died at just 28 years old. If the causes of death were not revealed, a huge “black mass” would have been highlighted during the autopsy. A mysterious death which literally broke the singer’s heart.

A tragedy has occurred in Rihanna’s family. On August 13, 2023, her cousin Tanella died suddenly at the age of 28 according to Dailymail. His funeral took place earlier this week at St George’s Parish Church in Barbados. The cause of death was not specified, but her mother said doctors detected a “black mass” during a CT scan taken before the young woman’s death.


According to Loop Barbados News, Rihanna’s song Lift Me Up, was played during the funeral service. During the tribute, Tanella’s adoptive mother, Julie-Ann Bryan, remembered her as a woman who “lived a life of gratitude with an outrageous amount of attitude, sprinkled with great confidence in self”. “Nella had something special,” she told those close to her. “She was bold and courageous. The love we felt for each other was luminous.”

“I love you so much that words can’t explain why you never let me down and always make sure I have a piece of the pie. God has blessed you tremendously over the years and I pray for may he always keep you sane, busy, focused and in good health. May God cover you with his favors, make you invisible in this demonic world and free you from any mentality that is not his”, had -she writes.


Rihanna unfortunately has a series of early bereavements in her family. Six years ago, in December 2017, she suddenly lost her cousin. Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, then only 21 years old, was shot dead in the street. “RIP cousin… I can’t believe that last night I was holding you in my arms! I never imagined that it was the last time I would feel the warmth of your body!!! I love you forever my guy! #endiriraveclaviolencedesguns”, the singer wrote to pay tribute to him.