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Picture it: A save concert ticket comes your way, driving to a chance experience with an universally famous pop star. When performing at one of the most popular music celebrations in the world, they gaze past the blinding organize lights into the swarm to bolt eyes with you. What happensactually, is a hurricane sentiment on the European leg of their sold out tour.

It’s a daydream that — in a few variety or another — has captured the human creative ability for decades.

Movies such as “What Cost Hollywood” and “A Star is Born” to begin with dallied in the thought of celebrated and non-famous relations nearly 100 a long time back.

By 1999, the class had come to modern statures after the discharge of “Notting Hill” — the seminal Richard Curtis film which saw Julia Roberts, a elegant American motion picture star, drop for Hugh Allow, a bumbling British bookstore proprietor.

Indeed more as of late, “Starstruck,” the coincidental title of both a 2010 Disney Channel unique motion picture and a 2021  Three arrangement, brought the misery and rapture of dating an A-lister as a unimportant part of the open to the little screen.


Now, chief Michael Showalter breathes unused life into the figure of speech with “ The Thought of You,” out on Amazon Prime May 2.

Based on the 2017 Robinne Lee novel by the same title, Showalter’s form is set in LA — the origin of grand pipe dreams — featuring both Anne Hathaway as Solène Marchand, a impressive 40-year-old craftsmanship exhibition proprietor and separated mother of one; and Nicholas Galitzine as 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, the fan favorite of anecdotal boy band du jour, Admirable Moon.

After a meet charming in Hayes’ trailer at Coachella, sparkles fly and Solène finds herself being sought after by not as it were a completely fledged celebrity, but somebody 16 a long time her junior.

The web hasn’t been bashful in drawing parallels between Lee’s novel and the age crevice relationship of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.

And in spite of the fact that the book was distributed four a long time some time recently the combine started dating, Lee conceded she was charmed by Styles’ life in specific. “Inspired is a solid word,” she told Fashion in 2020.

But more than fair a piece of starry-eyed fan-fiction, “ The Thought of You” is a Bildungsroman in camouflage.

Especially in connection to the intensely female battle for character and independence after parenthood. “We conversation around coming-of-age stories as being something that happens in ( the ) most punctual portion of your life,” said Anne Hathaway at the film’s SXSW debut. “I don’t know around you, but I feel like I keep blooming.”

Flawed, confidentdefenseless however composed, Solène’s three-dimensional character disturbs the sexist parallel of cougar or hag. It was a thought ensemble originator Jacqueline Demeterio took genuinely when sourcing her closet. “Solène’s 40.

cruel, 40 is not old,” she said. “I didn’t need it to be this more seasoned woman meets this more youthful boy… and has this ‘Pretty Woman’ (makeover) moment.” The There wasn’t a fasten of panther print, high school mold or “Golden Girls” fashion pussybows. “She has her look,” said Demeterio. “She’s not attempting to see youthful, but (her fashion) has advanced with time and with her body. You make alterations, but you still dress cool.”