BTS wraps up the opening weekend of Permission to Dance in Las Vegas

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BTS Kpop group ARMY invaded the strip making sin city ”the city ”. With two nights at Allegiant Stadium along with parties at MGM’s Grand Garden Arena, hotel rooms adorned with merchandise, a cafe serving Korean cuisine, and exclusive pop-ups, the BTS ARMY turned to BTS Permission to Dance The City. dance party vibes with the strip, TinyTan, and light “bombs” buckets full of tears of joy.

While BTS completed multi-city “Permission to Dance” tours in Seoul and Los Angeles, its fans knew Las Vegas would be different. Las Vegas lit up like “Dynamite” for the BTS ARMY with a never-before-seen takeover of activities building up to the weekend’s live concerts on April 8 and 9, which enthralled with a symphony of lights, harmonized songs, and ardent dance on their own.

If you haven’t seen BTS perform live, you are missing out on an incredible, unmatched experience that sees fresh recruits joining every song. To the crowd, BTS member RM said: April 9th, during the nightly encore. When I was 15, I traveled to the United States for the first time.

In 2009, my destination was Russ, but I was worried about neon lights, lights, and people’s facial expressions, and they all seemed to feel good. So I thought I would go back to Las Vegas and have a good time as I get older and have more money. He said, “I feel great,” “Thank you for making my night special and coming back to Las Vegas.” And I want to reassure 15-year-old RM that his life and future are in good hands. ..

A teenage dream really came true when BTS’s “dance permit” gave the crowd-an uninterrupted license to feel the music for two and a half hours. Much of the flow and content looked the same as in previous versions of Permission to Dance, but for an audience from around the world, the experience remained transformative and fresh.

Sharp at 7:30 pm, the videos of the hits “Dynamite” and “Butter” began when the sea of ​​ARMY bombs or glow sticks turned purple in the chorus. After that, a video vignette called “VCR” followed, and BTS escaped detention as a prisoner in the interrogation room and was freed. Do you have permission to dance? probably.

BTS first appeared on the high-energy Act One stage with songs like “On”, “Fire”, “Dope” and “DNA” wearing red and white tracksuits. Along with dozens of white dancers, glow sticks throughout the stadium turned red due to the “fire”. During
‘s “VCR2” video vignette, a group of seven people will gather, dance and hang out before performing in the next act. There the show takes on a dramatic tone. Act 2 feels like the beginning of Permission to Dance. Manifest. It’s a crowd of fans that grows with them.

The beautiful, heart-appealing “Black Swan” filled the stage, and many dancers in black still wore feather sleeves. As the movement around the band members was further exaggerated, fragments of feathers floated into the air, each accenting a black suit with a chain.

Surrounded by verdant sculptures that unfold and transform into lotus flowers, Faye Club’s stunning staging completes the set. In “VCR3”, BTS was preparing for a spectacular party in a hotel room and found a magic case.

Act III features the biggest hits of BTS in the United States, such as “Dynamite” and “Butter”. The band’s stylized dance moves, dressed in 70’s gram-chic nodding pastel Easter eggs, are reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever and are as easy as fireworks and firecrackers that interrupted all important moments. It matched the lyrics.

J Hope’s pink fedora hat stole the show. The band had fans take a closer look at Suga, JHope, RM, Jimin, V, Jin, and Jungkook and circled the crowd with two orange construction elevators above the wrapped purple balloons. During the “wings”, flowers, stuffed animals, and other signs of gratitude fell from the crowd.

BTS finished the main set with a thunder-like animal “idol” that combined ecstatic dance moves towards an expanded encore. In the 30-minute segment of Angkor, each BTS member had the opportunity to speak to the crowd.

The most notable difference between the Saturday show and the Eve occurred during Angkor. Friday night is “Home”, “Airplane Pt. 2”, “Silver Spoon”, and “Illness”. On Saturday, after receiving the must-see “Anpanman” and “Go-Go” treatments, a large glowing orb floated around the stadium for the closing song of “Permission to Dance” of the same name.

Jungkook’s abdominal flash, JHope’s unforgettable “Wow” poster, Jimin’s new haircut, Jin’s injured hand, and V’s reference to Johnny Depp at CryBaby almost satisfy the insatiable army. It was. “BTS Dance Permit” proved that Rainbow Confetti’s supply chain was unbroken.

Also, there is no demand from the fans for any content related to the band.
On the business side, the city is changing the concert business model. In other words, the artist’s intellectual property extends well beyond the product, finding new territory and beckoning.
Urban Concert Playground concept creates a rich and immersive fan experience with entertainment activations for fans to enjoy before and after.

The Bellagio Fountain features BTS “Butter” and “Dynamite” with new water features. At Area 15, an off-Strip arts and entertainment attraction, ARMY accessed BTS PopUp: Permission to Dance, which runs through April 17, an immersive, ticketless journey through the band’s history, music videos, and exclusive Moments products. Additionally, a $25 Behind the Stage photo ticket offers behind-the-scenes photos of the making of Permission to Dance.