Cameron Bartholomeu Diaz Has Been Neglecting Her look Since Retiring: ‘I’m sort of a Wild Animal

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Ex-comedian Cameron Diaz recently gave a new interview for a BBC podcast. The one who retired from film sets in 2014 cast an accusing eye on the strings of Hollywood…

Ex-actress Cameron Diaz is surely unaware of her beauty. In an interview she gave to Michelle Visage on the BBC’s Rule Breakers podcast, the Bad teacher star told how much her life had changed since retiring from the film industry after her role of Miss Hannigan in Annie in 2014.


About the superficiality of the cinema environment, the mother of Raddix confided that she had fallen into a world where beauty is the ultimate goal of people. “I am absolutely a victim of all the objectifications and exploitations that women suffer”, she regretted before continuing: “I myself participated in this system at certain times. It is difficult, it It’s hard not to look at yourself and not judge yourself by the markers of beauty. But I think that’s one of the best things… For the past eight years I’ve been wild and free. I’m like a wild animal, like a beast. The last thing I think about during the day is what I look like.” The former Mary at All Costs star added that staring at herself in the mirror for hours every day was “toxic” for an actress.

During the chat, the previous Golden Globes queen discovered that she’ ne’er place a lot of effort into maintaining her beauty, though she freely admits that she has “a billion product on her shelves.” “I virtually do nothing. I never wash my face. If I’m lucky I’m like doubly a month ‘oh I higher put this on, once it worked, right?’, I I’m now not within the plan of ​​putting my energy into it.” Today, Cameron Bartholomeu Dias enjoys her family life, that she engineered with Benji Madden, her husband of seven years now. Together, they welcome very little Raddix, born in 2020. needing a less complicated and healthier life, the star paid tribute to her companion in 2017 for E! News, “Women are viewed as objects a lot… Somehow my husband showed Pine Tree State that this is often no thanks to have a relationship and be equal.