Charlene from Monaco is finally back – she is no longer blonde!

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She had been waiting for this reunion for so long: Monday morning, Princess Charlene finally returned to Monaco. On the tarmac, her husband Prince Albert and their children Jacques and Gabriella were surprised to discover her with a new face.

It has become a habit for the princess: a new season, a new stage in life … A new cut! After eight months of separation and convalescence, Charlene of Monaco finally returned to the principality on Monday, November 8, 2021. As detailed in Nice Matin, the wife of Prince Albert left South Africa to land in Nice, before to return to the Rock.

On the tarmac of the Monegasque heliport, her husband and their two young children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella (6 years old) were waiting for her, “with a gigantic bouquet of flowers”. Princess Charlene also had some surprises planned for her family: in addition to a new young dog named Khan, which was recently given to her, the 43-year-old ex-swimmer unveiled her new face. Gone are the punk blonde cut that caused so much ink to flow, make way for a new brunette head perfect for fall!

She had recognized it in the pages of Point de Vue magazine at the beginning of the year, when her last stroke of the mower caused a stir: “I am probably, of all members of royal families, the one who has tried the most different hairstyles. , but I will continue. It is my ” Indeed, Princess Charlene is never short of ideas when it comes to changing her look.