Lena Situations fan of the heels/socks combo facing Ashley Graham

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A familiar face on the Fashion Week frontrows, Lena Situations paid tribute to designer Christian Louboutin after his Loubi Show II on September 30, 2022. Accompanied by Ashley Graham, the influencer shared her new, very special fashion crush!

On September 30, 2022, Lena Mahfouf went to Christian Louboutin’s Loubi Show II, which presented its Spring/Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear women’s collection at the Eiffel Tower. In frontrow, the young woman appeared very sexy with an ultra-short dress revealing her endless legs, sublimated in a pair of black tights.

Having opted for an XXL neckline with strings, the influencer with more than 3 million subscribers on Instagram chose to wear nude makeup, simply enhancing her eyes with a fine black powder line. On Instagram, the pretty brunette also revealed behind the scenes of the Louboutin cruise and shared the new fashion detail that seems to have become essential in the capital: the Christian Louboutin heels and socks combo. “We know the tap/sock combo. In fashion week, it’s Christian Louboutin heels and socks.” she had fun, obviously a fan of this trend.

Also present during the show signed Christian Louboutin, Ashley Graham, sulphurous dressed in a velvet leotard and black tights. Luscious, the plus size model sublimated her curves with this sensual set accompanied by Louboutin boots. Other personalities were seen at this event such as Rossy de Palma, Cindy Bruna and Ashley Park, star of the series Emily in Paris.

“I was at the factory, and we had just received the last prototype shoes. I was quite satisfied with the result, but they seemed heavier than the drawings I had in front of me. (…) In Looking at them from behind, I discovered a black lump coming from the sole that didn’t exist on my drawing. And that’s where I grabbed the nail polish from my assistant who was next to me. I covered the sole with varnish, and suddenly, the color posed appeared as obvious”, he confided.