Jisoo, Suzy, and Kim Yuna of BLACKPINK Are The Visual “Holy Trinity” Ahead Of Dior’s Fall Fashion Show In Seoul .

You are currently viewing Jisoo, Suzy, and Kim Yuna of BLACKPINK Are The Visual “Holy Trinity” Ahead Of Dior’s Fall Fashion Show In Seoul .

If these three met in person, their visuals would take the internet by storm! The list of Korean women who exude effortless beauty and grace appears to be unending, encompassing idols, actresses, and sports stars.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, who has always shown her timeless visuals wherever she goes, is one of three who have recently attracted the attention of netizens…

Suzy continues to wow with young features that appear to be right out of a fairytale…

What do these three ladies have in common? It’s the fact that they’re all stunning and ambassadors for Dior, the world’s most prestigious fashion house! All three have dazzled netizens at events with their class, elegance, and grace throughout the years.

When Jisoo and Kim Yuna finally met at a recent Dior event, fans were treated to a visual assault…

It appears that the trio will finally meet during the forthcoming Dior Fall 2022 show, which will take place on April 30 at Seoul’s Ewha Woman’s University (KST).

The exhibition will be Dior’s first in South Korea, and it will take place at Ewha Woman’s University as part of a bigger cooperation to provide mentoring and educational opportunities to students.

Dior released films of the three ambassadors discussing their passion for Korea in the weeks leading up to the presentation. Netizens were particularly taken by the video’s images, which seemed to encapsulate Dior’s message and vibes: old, beautiful, and exquisite.

Jisoo looks stunning in a black gown in her video, explaining how important Seoul is to her and how it seems like home because of the familiarity.

Her inherent beauty shone through, and it’s difficult to dispute Jisoo’s goddess-like appearance.

Suzy’s images and charm seem new and youthful, even though she appears to have been in the Korean entertainment scene for years. The actress shares a laugh in a black and yellow tartan outfit.

Hopefully, they have time to interact with each other because it will definitely be a truly iconic event.