Discover the “Sliced ​​bob”: the hairstyle that everyone will adopt in 2022

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The umpteenth variation of the bob cut, the “sliced ​​bob” is making its big appearance in the hair trends of the moment. We tell you everything about this cup that everyone will tear up in 2022.

There are so many different types of squares that you can’t count them! It’s a cut that has endless benefits as it can be adapted to all hair types, all face shapes, and all styles.

When we introduce you to the “airy bob”, the “crop bob”, the “asymmetrical bob” or the “blunt bob”, this time we are talking about the “cut bob”. A perfect cross between a square on the shoulders and a square on the chin.

What is the “cut bob”?

Literally “cut bob”, the “cut bob” is a tapered and blunt bob. With its straight cut with a gradient effect, it is a hairstyle that adds volume to the hair. This haircut ends at the chin, exposing the nape of the neck and accentuating the chin line for a very glamorous result.The front lengths are a little longer than the back to add a very trendy accent without taking on a sunken square, this is an ideal hairstyle for fans of the messy combo, with little effort it is a very simple cut. thanks to its tapered and layered locks.

For what type of hair ?

Ideal for fine hair, this hairstyle effectively restores volume and movement, even to the straightest hair. It is not recommended to do it on curly hair, as it will take longer to style your hair in the morning to achieve a delicate effect.

In addition, it is a hairstyle that will allow the hair to grow back without losing this movement, so it is a perfect compromise to keep this hairstyle for a long time! The important thing is to turn to a good hairdresser, who will be able to create a delicate and blended layered effect.