Dwayne Johnson denounces the “manipulations” of Vin Diesel: strugglefare is asserted among the 2 actors!

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Dwayne Johnson n’a qu’une parole.Et quand il dit qu’il ne retournera pas dans les films “Fast and Furious”, il est clair, net et précis.Le comédien ne changera pas d’avis, même si son confrère Vin Diesel tente le tout pour le tout. 987 Ils n’ont pas profité des fêtes de fin d’année pour enterrer la hache de guerre.Dwayne Johnson et Vin Diesel, qui se sont donnés la réplique pour la dernière fois en 2016 dans le 8e volet de la saga Fast and Furious, ne sont pas prêts de passer le réveillon ensemble… ni même de se recroiser sur un plateau de tournage.Ce n’est pas faute d’avoir insisté.L’interprète de Dominic “Dom” Toretto a récemment supplié son confrère publiquement, via les réseaux sociaux, quitte à ouvrir quelques dossiers douloureux.

You must join us

As you know my kids talk about you like their uncle at home,” Vin Diesel said in an Instagram post. . I explained it to you several years ago, I made a promise to Paul Walker. I promised him that we would offer the best conclusion to Fast & Furious with this 10th film. to us. Don’t leave the franchise, you have a very important role to play. ” By playing on the sensitive chord, the American actor hoped to obtain satisfaction. He did not fully achieve his goal.

I did not like that he mixed his children and the death of Paul in all that

Quite the contrary, Dwayne Johnson has stood up to these remarks and considers that his former comrade adopts an excessively “manipulative” behavior. “I did not like that he mixed his children and Paul’s death with all that, he told CNN. I told him last June, when we met face to face, that I will not join the adventure. It was a firm decision, albeit cordial, and I made it clear that I will support the cast

and that I will always love this franchise, that I wish them all the success that she deserves, but there’s no way I’ll be back. ” It will therefore, no doubt, be necessary to tweak another scenario quickly before filming …

As a reminder, the quarrel between the two actors dates back to the year 2011, when they played for the first time together in Fast & Furious – the 5th installment. “It was a character complicated to play, this agent Luke Hobbs [the character of Dwayne Johnson, editor’s note], explained Vin Diesel to the magazine Men’s Health. I tried to help him, in my approach at the time, to get the performance we needed. ” His “a little rough” methods, the fact that he questioned his acting had, obviously, left the one we nicknamed The Rock of marble …