Gwen Stefani discloses Valentine’s Day present received from Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani displayed the present that her spouse, Blake Shelton, gave her on Valentine’s Day and praised the country singer for not relying on her instructions.

Gwen Stefani is Blake Shelton’s favorite woman. On Valentine’s Day, Gwen shared the gift her husband gave her, which she values more than gold. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show on Feb. 14, Gwen revealed that she received her Valentine’s Day present early. As she spoke, she showed off a ring on her finger. Usually, Gwen receives amazing flowers, which she loves, but this year was different. Her husband surprised her with a simple gift, and she was taken aback. The extravagant gift was a ring with a large silver band and a green gemstone, which matched perfectly with her other jewelry and vibrant pink jumpsuit. Gwen was clear that she didn’t give Blake any advice on the gift; he did it all on his own. She ended her statement by expressing her love for Blake.

After dating for six years, the couple got married in 2021. Throughout their almost decade-long relationship, Gwen and Blake, who co-parent Gwen’s and ex Gavin Rossdale’s sons Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 9, have given us a glimpse into their happy life. They have even worked together on music, with Gwen recently writing a song called “Purple Irises” which they released together. Gwen mentioned that she played the song for Blake, and he loved it. She didn’t initially ask him to collaborate because she didn’t want him to think she was only using him, as many people desire Blake to feature on their songs.Fortunately, her spouse was incredibly excited to accompany her on the racetrack. “Crafting this song felt like an enchanting experience,” the couple expressed in a shared Instagram message on February 9th. “We sincerely hope that you adore it as much as we do.” Additionally, Gwen’s present and her recent collaboration with Blake weren’t the sole celebrity duo to go all-in for the affectionate day. Read on to discover how various celebrities commemorated this special occasion.


Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

“Dear BarackObama, I wish you a joyful Valentine’s Day!” expressed the author Becoming on Instagram, accompanying it with a delightful compilation of their most adorable pictures. “Each year spent with you is an improvement over the last.” Additionally, the ex-President of the United States took to social media to pay tribute to their 31 years of marriage, writing, “I cannot believe my luck. Happy Valentine’s Day to my closest companion, MichelleObama!”