Joe Biden: His son at the heart of a prostitution affair, he spends a fortune on escorts…

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On June 27, Hunter Biden was accused of having hired the expensive services of Russian prostitutes between November 2018 and March 2019, according to the “Washington Examiner”. New revelations suggest that he would have helped escorts to cross the border between two American states and that he would also have sent checks disguised as “medical services” to pay for his activities.

Hunter Biden is in turmoil. The son of the President of the United States is accused, according to the Daily Mail, of having spent $30,000 to secure the services of Russian prostitutes over the past five months. He would also have signed checks with the motive “medical services” to a certain Ekaterina Moreva. This woman of Ukrainian origin is suspected of having sent her escorts via her website which offers “a girlfriend experience, with 20-year-old prostitutes” reports the English tabloid. Doubtful transactions, immediately reported by the bank JPMorgan Chase.

The British media also reports that certain videos and images would highlight “Hunter Biden transporting prostitutes from one state to another (between Boston and New York) in order to spend the night in their company”. An action that the newspaper qualifies as a “potential federal offense”.

Joe biden involved?

This new information follows revelations from the Washington Examiner on June 27, which highlighted the sexual activities of Joe Biden’s son, claiming that he was involved in a Russian prostitution ring. The newspaper already explained at the time that the son of the American president had, without being certain of it, spent $ 30,000 to secure these services, using in particular his father’s money. Indeed, the successor of Donald Trump would have participated, voluntarily or not, in the financing of the interviews of his son. In a message dated February 2019, a woman calling herself Eva allegedly asked Hunter Biden to wire money to an account linked to a Russian email address.

Joe Biden would then, in the hours that followed, send $ 5,000 to his son through the Cash App application. A transfer among others from the husband of Jill, who would also have, during his election campaign in 2020, transferred no less than 100,000 dollars to his child so that he can “pay his bills”. A period that strangely coincides with the activities of his son. But nothing indicates that Naomi’s grandfather was aware of the actions of his son Hunter.