Lisa-Marie Presley buried: a sad picture of her daughter

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Lisa-Marie Presley has just been buried at Graceland, and her daughter Riley Keough has just paid her a vibrant tribute by posting a heartbreaking photo of her and her mother on her Instagram account.

It is a moving tribute that Riley Keough has just made to her late mother Lisa-Marie Presley on Instagram, through a simple photo, which says a lot about the complicity that emerged from their relationship.

A black and white shot, on which they exchange tender glances, of extreme benevolence. The 33-year-old actress appears very young in the photo, she simply captioned her post with a red heart, because a picture is sometimes worth more than a thousand words.

A post that comes as his mother has just been buried alongside his very famous Elvis Presley, in the garden of Graceland, the famous residence of the rocker which is located in Memphis.

She, therefore, rests in peace with her father, but also with her grandparents Vernon and Gladys as well as her son Benjamin, Riley’s brother, who committed suicide two years ago.

It should also be noted that a “public memorial service will be organized at 9 a.m. on Sunday, January 22” in honor of the late singer. Information was relayed by Graceland officials a few days ago through a press release.


As a reminder, the one who sang Idiot in 2005 died on Thursday, January 12, 2023, after suffering a cardiac arrest. She was found unresponsive in her home in Los Angeles, which had surprised everyone since she had just gone to the Golden Globes, to reward Austin Butler in the Best Actor category for his role in the biopic Elvis.

That said, her attitude on the red carpet had been considered abnormal by a large number of Internet users, who had then detected in her a certain mental fragility.

Especially since on January 8, for the 88th birthday of her late father, she made unfortunate and reassuring remarks about her capacity for resilience, which is already worrying internet users.

She was also the mother of two other children: the twin’s Harper and Finley, born on October 7, 2008, from her relationship with guitarist Michael Lockwood.