Kim Kardashian and her famous family were dressed to the nines

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Kim Kardashian in a gray leotard while her sister Khloe sports a pink dress as they arrive at a Jimmy Kimmel live taping with Kourtney, Kendall and Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian and her celebr family were all dressed up when they arrived at a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood on Wednesday.

The 41-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was joined by her sisters Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner and their mother Kris Jenner when they arrived in separate cars just outside the studio. Kimmel

Kim looked her best in an elegant gray latex dress that showed off her curves, while Khloé was a staple in a chic fuchsia ensemble.

Grand Entrance: Kim Kardashian and her famous family were all dressed up as they arrived at a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood on Wednesday

Stunners: Kim, 41, looked her best in an elegant gray dress that showed off her her curves, while Khloé, 37, was a staple in an elegant fuchsia

dress. Although Kimmel’s guests often walk the short distance to the stage door, the Kardashian-Jenner family kept the walk just as short as possible by driving their luxury vehicle within walking distance of the studio.

Kim stepped out of her car in a form-fitting suit, which emphasized her hourglass figure and appeared to have a cutout that showed off her toned back.

He shielded the piercing sun with a striking set of angled gray reflective sunglasses.

The reality star framed her stylishly made-up face with her long raven locks, which were parted in the middle and cascaded over her shoulders in thick locks.

Khloé was seen in an oversized pink blazer with thick padded shoulders stepping out of a big black RollsRoyce.

She paired it with baggy pants in the same bright pink hue, as well as pointed pink heels.Like Kim, he wore sunglasses, although he preferred a more traditional black pair.The Revenge Body star’s gorgeous blonde hair fell over the front of her jacket in majestic waves as she displayed an impeccably manicured hand to wave to onlookers.

She was followed by a TV crew, which was unusual for Jimmy Kimmel Live guests, although it was unclear if she was part of the recording or if it was for the next series family’s Hulu reality show, The Kardashians.

Also Family matriarch Kris Jenner arrived in the same RollsRoyce as Khloé .

She sported her sleek black bob, a departure from the pixie cut she has favored in recent years.

Kris appeared to be wearing a black and red blazer and also covered in black sunglasses.

With her was her boyfriend Corey Gamble, who was dressed more casually than the rest of the family.

He wore a short-sleeved black and white checked shirt with colorful green and purple floral patterns.

Corey also wore plain black shorts and pastel purple suede Puma sneakers.Kourtney Kardashian joined her sisters and mother at check-in, although she arrived separately in a beige Mercedes SUV, which also arrived right outside the door.The Poosh founder, who tied the knot to boyfriend Travis Barker in Las Vegas after Sunday’s Grammy Awards – despite not having a marriage license – was seen wearing a black hoodie relaxed with graphics as he walked into the studio.

It was unclear if this was her outfit for the TV appearance, although she has preferred a more laid-back, punk-inspired look since starting her relationship with the Blink182 drummer, who did not seem to have joined her.She paired her mom Kris with her chic bob, which was turned low.Kourtney seemed to rush through the building even faster than her sisters and mother.Kendall Jenner also came separately to check in in a luxurious silver Land Rover Defender.The catwalk star can be seen sipping coffee in the passenger seat of the vehicle before getting off.
She complemented Kourtney with her casual outfit, which included a cropped white tank top that she wore without a bra.Kendall paired her with pale blue baggy jeans that showed off her flat stomach and stayed comfy in white New Balance trainers.The model sported her long red locks and wore dark sunglasses.In the early afternoon, Kendall and Khloé were both spotted leaving a beach party at the Nobu Ryokan Malibu hotel for their upcoming Hulu reality series.

Kendall had a bowl of leftovers to take with her and Khloé was kept out of the sun by an assistant holding a parasol above her.
NFL star Rob Gronkowski, who apparently didn’t hesitate to walk the short distance to the gate, was also seen arriving at Jimmy Kimmel’s studio on Wednesday afternoon.
He wore a plain black T-shirt with matching jeans and black sneakers.
He waved a peace sign to fans gathered outside while wearing a mesmerizing green patterned jacket with reflective sunglasses.

The Kardashian-Jenner family was promoting their upcoming reality series The Kardashians, which will debut April 14 on the Hulu streaming service.

During a Tuesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kris promised KUWTK fans would be thrilled with the dramatic first season of their new show.

, by the time we start shooting, a million things are happening “Of course,” he said. “Kylie is having a new baby, Kourtney is getting engaged with Travis Barker and , Kim is going SNL. I mean, every day there was some drama or something crazy going on. We see her leaving the studio.

Elle appeared to have changed from her latex costume to something more comfortable, and she could be seen waving to fans as she climbed into a new vehicle. The Skims founder sported a busty performance with a black leather strap and a matching leather skirt with a high slit.She also wore peep-toe heels that reached her knees.Khloé had also changed into a new ensemble as she left the building.The Good American founder wore a mini- A sizzling beige leather dress that highlighted her hourglass figure.

The reality TV star elevated her 5ft 10in stature with a set of beige peep toe heels that wrapped around her as they escaped the ankles.Kourtney had modified out of her casual pullover in favor of a glamourous black suit. She highlighted her cleavage by carrying the jacket — that was engaged instead of botonnee at the front — while not a prime underneath. the truth star matched her jacket with high-waisted black flaring slacks. The 5ft0in beauty conjointly else some height along with her black open-toe platform heels. She wore her lustrous blackness bob with strands framing her face, whereas it absolutely was partly tied back in a very high ponytail. Back in black: Kourtney had changed out of her casual pullover in favor of a glamourous black suit. She highlighted her cleavage by carrying the jacket — that was engaged instead of botonnee at the front — while not a prime beneath crease looked glamorous as she stepped out with Khloé. The bourgeois looked glamorous in a very lightweight grey blazer decked inlines of sparkling jewels. She stayed comfy by wearing an easy black sweater underneath it. similar to once she arrived, crease had a automobile force up right next to the door, preventing onlookers who ordinarily wait outside the studio to see celebrities up shut from obtaining a transparent view. Her girl biochemist created her exit within the same silver Land Rover she had arrived in. She carried a bright yellow purse with her, however she seemed to have coated up the low-cut olive mini dress that she wore on the show with a white top.

Although he seemed nonchalant upon arrival, Corey transformed into something much more opulent before leaving the recording.
He changed his plaid shirt to a shiny gold pajama shirt with matching gold pants.
He also sported a luxury wristwatch and several bracelets and necklaces.